KEY STAGES 3, 4 & 5

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Make time-consuming data analysis a thing of the past with the most flexible data analysis solution for schools

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With Sisra Analytics, you can both simplify data management across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, and make it accessible at any time to all of your staff. Leave the sharing of printed documents behind and make intuitive, easy-to-read reports available in just a few clicks from any internet-connected device.

Identifying workload issues

Analysis made simple.

No more keeping up with updating formulae, navigating spreadsheets or dealing with DfE changes. All the analysis is done for you, and the insights are put at the fingertips of those who need them.

Bespoke grading

Bespoke grading.

A fully flexible system allows you to apply whichever type of grades you use: 9-1, Mastery, percentages, sub-grades or something entirely different

We Liberate

The full picture

Our customisable Attitude to Learning (AtL) function enables in-depth analysis of pastoral and grade data together, allowing you to get a better view of student progress beyond their test results..

The inside track on data.

The Data Collaboration functionality compares your performance with over 1,400 other schools, weeks or months ahead of official figures.

See where you stand against anonymised, GDPR-compliant data from over 225,000 students.

Even though exams (and DfE performance tables) were cancelled in 2021, schools were still able to compare their results against the large number of other Sisra Analytics schools across the country and had a modelled Progress 8 figure using Attainment 8 estimates created from Scaled Scores rather than National Curriculum levels. Schools are now able to use either official 2019 Attainment 8 estimates or the 2021 Data Collaboration Attainment 8 estimates within their current years 9, 10 or 11 cohorts.

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subject progress index (SPI)

Chart progress with ease.

Unique to Sisra Analytics, Subject Progress Index (SPI) compares performance directly against all students with the same KS2 starting point on a subject-by-subject basis, split by GCSE and Vocational to reflect the differing outcomes – think Subject Progress 8 but better!

KS4 MAT Reporting With The Juniper Insights Dashboard

MAT-level Key Stage 4 attainment and progress intelligence is now available with the Juniper insights dashboard.

Simplify and standardise the collection and reporting of assessment data across your Trust. Then compare and collaborate to share best practices and empower improvement.

Key Features


Data in CSV files from any MIS can quickly and easily be uploaded.


Get integrated online help, and explore an online library of guides and checklists.


Full GDPR (UK) compliance helps to keep sensitive student data safe.


Whenever DfE requirements change, we update the platform automatically.


The web-based Sisra Analytics system is instantly accessible from any internet-connected device.


Quick publishing of interactive headline figure charts take some of the stress out of results days.

Sisra Analytics

Stories of success

Educational organisations just like yours are already benefiting from Sisra Analytics.

The most significant development in performance analysis this century!
Shire Oak Academy
John Simkin
Information & Data Manager, Shire Oak Academy

Sandbach High School & Sixth Form College

“By using Sisra Analytics to ensure that all students are being challenged and making the best possible progress, the impact on the school performance as a whole will be unmistakable.”

Highfields School

“Results Days are now ‘easy’. Sisra Analytics will analyse first and best results separately and allows us to make direct comparisons with projections and to analyse trends.”

Advance Learning Partnership

“Sisra Analytics is the data analysis solution within our trust as we believe it is the most effective and efficient data analysis system currently available for secondary schools.”


Still want to know more?

If you still need more information on Sisra Analytics our FAQs will be able to answer any questions you have.

EAP stands for Expected Attainment Pathway and is the Life after Levels solution within Sisra Analytics.

You may have as many users as you wish. We actively encourage you to add all staff and even governors as a user so that they may easily analyse performance at their leisure. The amount of users has NO IMPACT on the cost of the service.

Sisra Analytics is a very affordable online service. To discuss our fees further please contact us.

Yes, we use encryption provided by GlobalSign EV SSL certificates to ensure maximum protection for your data.

Yes. All data sets can be compared to another.

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