School Leadership Recruitment Checklist

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Master every step from preparing the job post to onboarding your team right with our School Leadership Recruitment Checklist.

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Stages of leadership recruitment process

Did you know?

According to DfE data, 33% of school leaders leave within five years of their appointment? This trend has increased demand for recruiting headteachers and school leadership roles.

As education experts, we understand that school leadership recruitment goes beyond filling positions—it's also about reshaping your school's future.

Our experienced HR experts have developed a Leadership Recruitment Checklist designed to assist HR managers and trust leaders in finding the ideal candidate whilst guiding them to create a supportive environment for your school’s success.

Download the checklist and begin your journey to exceptional school leadership recruitment today!

Success at every stage:

  Designed for schools, academies, and trusts by education HR experts
  Includes detailed step-by-step leadership recruitment process
  Guidance for creating a supportive environment for new school leaders
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“I set up a consultation and was blown away by how professional and helpful my advisor was. Highly recommend this service to everyone.”

Lori Greene, Marketing Director at Company

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