St Bernard’s High School Case Study

Navigating a Sensitive Disciplinary 

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St Bernard's High School
All Hallows Catholic High School


St Bernard's High School, a faith-based all-girls Roman Catholic school in Westcliff-on-Sea, faced a challenging disciplinary case. They turned to Juniper Education's HR consultancy services for expert support. With a focus on transparency, confidentiality, and proactive risk mitigation, Juniper Education helped navigate the complexities of the case. The school successfully managed and resolved the situation through collaboration and careful investigation.

We would definitely recommend Juniper Education and their services to other schools, without a shadow of a doubt.
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Allison Headteacher, St Bernard's High School

The background

St Bernard's High School is an all-girls Roman Catholic school known for its commitment to providing a faith-based education. The school prioritises the well-being and support of its students, staff, and community. When faced with a challenging disciplinary case, they sought the assistance of Juniper Education's HR consultancy services to navigate the intricacies of the situation.

Disciplinary challenges

St Bernard's High School encountered a complex and sensitive disciplinary case following an incident. They needed to address the situation while ensuring fairness, transparency, and confidentiality. The school's leadership team and headteacher faced the task of managing the case effectively to protect all parties involved. Allison, Headteacher at St Bernard's High School, said: 

"It's always difficult when you get an allegation against a member of staff. It’s difficult because you want to obviously have the most fair and transparent process both for the member of staff and the child, supporting both because you don't know what the outcome will be from the outset. Making sure that both are being supported is quite a challenge in itself. It's really helpful to have transparent processes. That’s where Juniper's support comes in. I'm very grateful."


  • 327 hours of disciplinary casework support from Juniper
  • 713 total hours of HR support from Juniper
  • Case outcome: Dismissal of the employee involved

Allison commented:

“This case was really difficult. To have a confidential conversation with a trusted person at the other end of the line was invaluable. It was really helpful to know that Juniper’s HR consultants have actually been there and done this, even having taken it to the endpoint our case could possibly go to.” 

Juniper's impact on a resolute outcome

Juniper Education's HR consultancy services played a vital role in resolving the disciplinary case at St Bernard's High School as it progressed through the stages of a full disciplinary. The allegation was found to be supported throughout the case. Their experienced team provided expert support throughout the process, from the initial investigation to delving deeper into the complex case, right the way through all stages of the disciplinary process, the verdict, and beyond. The team recognised its significant impact on the staff members involved and offered unwavering assistance and support every step of the way. Understanding the emotional toll that such situations can bring, Juniper Education approached the case with empathy and compassion.

The experienced team from Juniper Education leveraged their knowledge and experience in similar cases to guide the school's leadership team. By incorporating best practices and lessons learned, Juniper Education ensured a thorough investigation, proactive risk mitigation, and effective decision-making, providing the school with the tools to navigate complex situations confidently.

Throughout the process, Juniper Education established clear communication channels, ensuring that the staff member was informed and supported. They prioritised confidentiality, respecting the individual's privacy and dignity, which further affirmed the accuracy and reliability of Juniper Education's guidance. This demonstrated their unwavering commitment to treating each person involved with respect.

The school also took the opportunity to review and enhance its safeguarding policy, addressing the specific areas of concern identified in the case, with Juniper Education's support and expertise serving as a cornerstone of this comprehensive improvement. In reflecting on the impactful support provided by Juniper Education, Allison assured: 

"From our point of view, we are more than satisfied with Juniper Education's support. We would definitely recommend Juniper Education and its services to other schools without a shadow of a doubt. The outcome serves as a testament to their reliability and commitment to their quality assurance."