Raising the profile of assessment to inform teaching and learning at Sherborne Qatar Prep

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Measure & demonstrate pupil progress your way with curriculum mark books, point-in-time teacher judgements and external test data, in any combination. Now part of our primary Progress & Outcomes solution.

Sherborne Qatar Prep
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Sherborne Qatar is the daughter school of Sherborne School, a historic and distinguished British independent school founded in 1550 under royal charter by King Edward VI. Sherborne Qatar, located in west Doha, is a founding member of the Supreme Education Council’s Outstanding Schools Initiative. The Prep School runs from Pre School to Year 6 and the Senior School runs from Year 7 to Year 13. The Prep School is a member of The Independent Association of Prep School (IAPS), British Schools Overseas (BSO) and British Schools in the Middle East (BSME).

David Payne, Deputy Head at Sherborne Qatar Prep recently shared his experience of working with Classroom Monitor to use assessment data to better inform teaching and learning

“For the first 18 months after joining Classroom Monitor in September 2016 we focused on pooling our Maths and Writing data. This enabled us to extract raw data for analysis, but we were conscious that there was so much more we could achieve with a little guidance.”


All teachers now have the right data to better provide for their pupils

“After discussing our requirements, Classroom Monitor arranged two online training sessions with me and my team. The sessions were tailored to our needs; with the aim of helping our school to gain the maximum impact from our data. We had lots of follow up questions and all of these were responded to quickly and efficiently by the Classroom Monitor team.”

As a school, we are now able to assess all subjects using Classroom Monitor. We are adding our external assessments – CAT4, EYFS data and summative data, enabling us to triangulate our data and track progress throughout school life. Teachers are setting targets to monitor how many children are on track and can now compare progress and attainments of vulnerable groups (as we have now imported SEN, Ethnicity and First Language data).”

“The outcome now is we have a clear understanding of how to build our own curricula and set the attainment language achievement percentages and have the additional benefits of using other curriculum grids such as Rising Stars.”

“Our subject leaders are now using the curriculum tracking tool to explore attainment in their areas. Most importantly, all teachers now have the right data at their fingertips and can utilise its insights to better provide for their pupils. Recently they generated their first assessment summaries to highlight learning gaps before the end of the term – we have also decided to add these to our reporting process to better inform our parents.”


Supporting inspection success

“We recently had our second school inspection in 18 months. During the first inspection the team were concerned about our data and tracking as we had only just started with Classroom Monitor and we were aware it wasn’t being utilised to its full potential. In our most recent inspection, data and tracking have come out as a key area of strength for the school and we owe a lot of this to Classroom Monitor’s invaluable support and guidance. Having access to excellent online tutorials and an in-depth knowledge of assessment best practice supported us on our successful Classroom Monitor journey.”

“We are extremely grateful of the support and as a result we are delighted with the impact Classroom Monitor is having on raising the profile of assessment to inform teaching and learning. As a school we are now effortlessly tracking children’s progress and reporting on standards achieved.”