Pilton Infants' School Case Study

How Pilton Infants’ School transformed its website after joining a Trust

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Pilton Infants' School

The Challenge 

Pilton Infants' School in Devon wanted to upgrade its website, not just because it was outdated but also because the school was joining the Team Academy Trust, so aligning its website with the Trust's style was crucial. Having collaborated with Juniper Education on previous website projects, the Trust sought the expertise of Juniper’s website designers. Time was a critical factor; Juniper needed to swiftly gather assets and build the site to allow ample time for content addition before the Academy joined the Trust. Nonetheless, Juniper’s team of experts gladly embraced the challenge. 


Pilton Infants' School website before Juniper Education: 


Our Project Manager let us know what we needed to do and by when, and gave support on anything we weren’t sure about. I would recommend Juniper’s services to other school leaders.
Pilton infants school logo
John Mortimer Head of School, Pilton Infants' School


The Project 

Led by a dedicated Website Project Manager, Juniper ensured a smooth transition, maintaining regular contact for progress updates through the communication platform Basecamp for transparent collaboration. 

Gathering Assets  

Despite the school's deadline for integration set for November 1, 2023, Juniper efficiently gathered assets by late August. This allowed for the swift construction of the website, providing a 6-7 week window to update content. 

Publishing Content  

In mid-October, when 15 pages of content arrived, Juniper promptly uploaded and formatted them within 48 hours. This quick action offered the school an early preview of content templates within the CMS. 

A Successful Launch  

Although the site wasn't fully prepared for the November 1st launch due to unavoidable content delays, Juniper adapted by maintaining consistent communication and rapidly addressing queries. As a result, the site was successfully launched in early December, ensuring readiness for when the school joined the Trust.  

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The Outcome 

Juniper Education successfully assisted Pilton Infants' School revamp its website, aligning it with the Team Academy Trust’s style. By overcoming challenges and providing consistent support, Juniper facilitated a seamless transition, earning commendation from the Head of School and ensuring a positive outcome for the school's online presence within the MAT.

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What the Customer Said 

John Mortimer, the Head of the School, commended Juniper's support, emphasising the guidance received from the team’s prompt responses and clear instructions throughout the project. 

When asked how his experience was working with Juniper Education on the website project, John Mortimer stated: “It was very positive. Our Project Manager supported us really well. She let us know what we needed to do and by when and gave support on anything we weren’t sure about. I would recommend Juniper’s services to other school leaders.” 

The school has a continued relationship with Juniper Education and a keen interest in implementing more Juniper solutions in the future, underscoring their utmost satisfaction with the website services they have received.  

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