Moulsham Infant School Case Study

Onboarding Payroll Services for Moulsham Infant School

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Catalyst Payroll emerged in 2020, built upon the strong foundation of two education industry frontrunners, FS4S and Essex Education Services, combining their expertise to create an innovative and robust payroll solution bought to you by Juniper Education. 

Moulsham Infant School

The Challenge

Yasha Singh, Finance Manager at Moulsham Infant School, Essex, faced a significant challenge when their previous payroll provider, Civica, withdrew their services. This abrupt change prompted Yasha to explore alternative options for the school's payroll needs.


I have had the best experience. The team have been professional, attentive, efficient and responsive.
Yasha Singh Finance Manager, Moulsham Infant School

The Solution

In November, Yasha engaged with Juniper to explore a payroll solution that would not only address their immediate needs but also provide a robust and reliable service in the long term. Juniper's dedicated payroll team worked closely with Yasha to understand the school's requirements and presented its comprehensive payroll services, emphasising the user-friendly portal and dedicated bureau service team. Juniper's specialisation in education was highlighted, assuring direct access to an assigned team member via a dedicated phone line for immediate advice and support.

After evaluating multiple providers, the team was particularly impressed by Juniper's commitment to providing a seamless and dependable service. The unique features of Juniper’s payroll portal and software, along with the company's unwavering dedication to education-focused payroll services, were key factors that convinced the school that Juniper was the right fit for its payroll needs.

The Outcome

As they progress with Juniper, Yasha and the team are gearing up for their first parallel run in January, following comprehensive training. Initial feedback from Yasha has been positive, citing the onboarding team as "fantastic" and expressing confidence in the service's smooth continuation.

This case highlights Juniper's commitment to overcoming challenges, providing tailored solutions, and ensuring a seamless transition for schools seeking reliable, education-focused payroll services.

What the Customer Said

Yasha commented on the school's onboarding experience: expressing: “I have had the best experience. The team have been professional, attentive, efficient and responsive. I appreciate that my questions and any concerns are dealt with immediately and the response times are quick.”

Yasha further remarked on the team's support throughout the transition, stating: “I have been extremely well supported, could not have asked for a better onboarding experience. I am quite optimistic the transition will be smooth, the onboarding team has been fantastic.”