Life Multi-Academy Trust:Part 1

The Power of Data: A Success Story of Collaboration. 

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In today’s data-driven education landscape, accurately analysing and utilising data is critical for achieving success in our schools. Life Multi-Academy Trust, encompassing six secondary schools, has embarked on a transformative journey by implementing Juniper Education’s advanced data analytics platform. We sat down with Ben, the Director of Learning, Teaching, and Assessment at the Trust, to discuss the impact of this collaboration, especially in preparation for and reflection on results day.

The Dawn of a New Data Era

Life Multi-Academy Trust kicked off its partnership with Juniper Education in the early months of 2023.

“In the beginning, we were grappling with the data we were inputting,” recalls Ben. “We hadn’t used the platform as effectively as we could have. However, the period leading up to results day was a significant learning journey for us. We were able to play around with the platform, exploring the possibilities it offered for various groups, subjects, and key measures.”

Results Day: A Moment of Truth

According to Ben, the system “came to life” on results day.

“We used the dashboard when the exams came through. The speed at which Juniper updated the data was extremely impressive. It empowered our headteachers to provide a much clearer message about where we were on our academic journey.”

Elevating Conversations and Decisions

One of the game-changing features of Juniper’s platform is the Subject Progress Index.

“It’s a great conversation starter,” Ben points out. “It eliminates the ‘what about this’ questions, providing a comparative view that’s grounded in clear, indisputable data.”

Empowering Collaboration Across the Trust

The Trust’s collaboration with Juniper is not just about individual schools; it’s about creating a collective impact.

“The platform has enabled us to identify areas of strength and weakness across the Trust. Now we know exactly which faculty in one school can help another,” says Ben. “This collective understanding fosters a collaborative ethos across all our secondary schools.”

Not Just Data, But a Catalyst for Change

The Juniper dashboard has been much more than a data repository for the Trust. It has acted as a catalyst for changing conversations at various levels—from headteachers and assessment leads to trustees.

“The dashboard makes it unarguable,” states Ben. “It has been invaluable for conversations I’ve had with the CEO and with the trustees. The data provides the leverage we need for informed, strategic decision-making.”

Looking Ahead: The Future is Bright

Looking forward, Ben is optimistic about the additional functionalities and possibilities that Juniper’s platform will bring to the Trust.

“We’re gaining momentum and traction. I’m incredibly excited about the first tracking point, come October or November. The platform will become an increasingly powerful tool for getting the best out of our young people.”

For Life Multi-Academy Trust, the collaboration with Juniper Education represents more than just a technological implementation. It is a strategic alliance that enriches pedagogical effectiveness, streamlines processes, and, most importantly, enhances educational outcomes for its pupils.