From good to great: Itchen Abbas Primary School

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How a rural primary school transformed their website

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Itchen Abbas Primary School

About Itchen Abbas Primary School

Itchen Abbas Primary School is a small rural school situated just outside of Winchester. The school has long been a cornerstone of the local community, dedicated to providing quality education. Its vision is to inspire every child to love learning and achieve personal and academic growth through a creative, knowledge-rich curriculum.

The new website is like a breath of fresh air! It is exciting and modern, and it will really help attract future parents to our school.
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Rob Bogan Headteacher, Itchen Abbas Primary School

An outdated platform meant it was time for a change

The school's previous website, designed in 2017, was becoming outdated and no longer met the expectations of today’s tech-savvy parents. It lacked the modern appeal and functionality necessary to attract new families and adequately represent the school's vibrant community. Additionally, they felt their website had become cluttered with old content, so it was a great opportunity to clear out outdated information and create a modern, future-proof website.

Headteacher Rob Bogan had worked successfully with e4education (now part of Juniper) on a previous website project. He was absolutely certain he wanted the same level of expertise and quality poured into the school’s next website. Further to a meeting with Juniper’s team, he could also see just how easy the CMS system was to amend and edit content on the website, something that he was impressed by. The new CMS allowed them to easily edit and amend everything on the website, unlike their old CMS that did not permit changes to slideshow photos and other key elements.

On why he chose Juniper for the school’s new website, Rob shared:

“I didn’t approach any other companies or look elsewhere,” Rob said. “I have always had good service from Juniper and wanted to remain loyal. After speaking to a team member, it was a no-brainer who I wanted to work with.”

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Putting the school’s new website in the spotlight

Juniper's essential website design service was the perfect solution to revamp Itchen Abbas Primary School’s online presence. After discussing the school’s needs and objectives, Juniper provided a comprehensive plan to develop a new, modern website that would:

  • Feature a clean, attractive design to appeal to prospective parents
  • Enhance user experience with easy navigation
  • Clearly present essential information for current and prospective families

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Juniper’s team, led by a dedicated Project Coordinator, worked closely with the school to ensure a smooth development process.  Juniper's responsiveness and expertise ensured all problems were addressed and resolved quickly, so that no minor delays or technical issues could get in the way of a successful launch. The collaboration was marked by clear communication and a shared vision for the website’s fabulous final look and improved functionality.


The outcome that gave a breath of fresh air to the website

The new website has been an instant success, achieving all desired outcomes and more. Key benefits include:

  • Increased parent engagement and traffic to the site
  • Positive feedback from parents, staff, and the wider community
  • A modern, informative, and visually appealing website that effectively promotes the school

Parents have praised the smart, user-friendly design, noting how easy it is to find information.

One parent commented, “Congratulations on your impressive new website! Very informative and beautifully presented.”

Another said, “The new website is amazing—it looks fantastic! I love the photos!”

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The website’s fresh look and improved functionality have positioned Itchen Abbas Primary School as a forward-thinking school, ready to welcome new families.

Headteacher Rob Bogan shared his positive experience working with Juniper:

"The new website is like a breath of fresh air! It is exciting, much more modern than our previous design and will really help attract future parents to our school. The overall experience was very straightforward! Juniper has worked alongside me for the duration of the project. I have always felt in control, and they were happy to make any changes/suggestions to improve the finished website."

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Sharing success to inspire other schools

Juniper has provided Itchen Abbas Primary School with a cost-effective, modern website that meets the school's current needs and serves as a valuable tool for future growth.

For other school leaders considering a new website project, Rob Bogan advises:

"A new website is a great selling feature for any school. Juniper has provided us with a cost-effective website design to allow us to showcase our school in the best possible light. The process is easy - following an initial call, design and layout conversation, the team take on the heavy lifting. Our new website is user-friendly, modern and long-lasting, allowing us to effectively promote our school for years to come."

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The Transformation: From Good to Great