Effective and Efficient Data Analysis for Schools and Trusts

Advance Learning Partnership have chosen Sisra Analytics as the data analysis solution within our trust as we believe it is the most effective and efficient data analysis system currently available for secondary schools. It is used within each of our secondary schools at data collection points for every year group and also for our results data analysis in summer. Using Sisra Analytics enables trust staff to access the attainment and progress data in any of our schools in a consistent format.

Although the Sisra Analytics view for trust staff is very similar, each school setup is customised dependent on school needs or to support analysis of a key area. For example, we have the ability to input KS3 data to align with the assessment system of the school or we can create filters which reflect the individual schools’ focus groups.

The data management of Sisra Analytics is very simple; data collection uploads can be completed within minutes, which gives more time to focus on the analysis of the data and the strategies and interventions which follow.

Sisra Analytics allows staff to track the projections for the headline measures, including P8 estimates (based on the most up-to-date estimates). Staff can identify trends and track subject/qualification attainment and progress to investigate any areas of strengths or weaknesses and also use the filters and breakdowns to review key groups and analyse gaps. As a multi academy trust we analyse this data across all of our secondary schools to suggest trust wide solutions or identify areas where schools would benefit from collaborative working.

The introduction of the Sisra Subject Progress Index (SPI) has been very well received in our schools, enabling staff to compare their results data as well as their projection data to the Sisra collaboration data.

Another recent update, the Attitude to Learning (AtL) information, is used across schools in our trust and this enables staff to compare AtL against current or projection grades. This provides a comprehensive picture of a subject/qualification or class, and enables staff to gain precise information on individual students.

The excellent support offered by Sisra; live chat, DataMeets, consultant support and training packs, along with the timely software developments, complement this invaluable data analysis package.