All Hallows Catholic High School: Harnessing the Power of Sisra Analytics

All Hallows Catholic High School received an 'Outstanding' Ofsted inspection report, which was attributed to their use of Sisra Analytics.

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All Hallows Catholic High School


The Path to an Outstanding Ofsted Report

In March 2023, All Hallows Catholic High School in Lancashire, England, received an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspection report, the highest grade a school can achieve. The school’s strong curriculum and assessment strategies were particularly praised. Part of this success is attributed to their use of Sisra Analytics, a powerful tool that has been instrumental in accurately tracking and monitoring student progress and implementing effective intervention strategies.

A Deep Dive into Sisra Analytics

Sisra Analytics has been an important part of All Hallows’ ecosystem for nearly a decade. The school uses this robust tool to ensure accurate, detailed data collection and analysis down to the decimal place. The effectiveness of the platform is boosted by the school’s dedicated administrator, whose perfectionism ensures impeccable data handling and interpretation.

Unparalleled Customer Support

The Juniper Education customer service team always provides rapid and reliable support whenever questions or concerns arise. The team’s commitment to providing prompt, helpful responses contributes significantly to the school’s confidence in using Sisra Analytics and interpreting its data.

Ensuring Quality Assurance

By plotting exam outcomes, Sisra Analytics supports Quality Assurance at All Hallows. It also provides the school with the necessary tools to calculate Progress 8 benchmarks, which has been indispensable in tracking student progress and identifying areas for intervention.

Data-Driven Strategies

The system is used to guide the creation of intervention strategies tailored to specific student groups, ensuring they receive the appropriate support. Line management meetings are held each term to discuss these strategies, informed by the tracking data from Sisra. It enables the school to identify problem areas, forecast potential challenges, and implement proactive strategies to tackle these issues.

Embedding Sisra Analytics in the School Ecosystem

To fully leverage the potential of the platform, All Hallows has implemented an effective administration strategy and fostered staff buy-in. Continual professional development and clear communication within the school ensure that the data is used effectively and impactfully.

A Foundation for Future Success

Using Sisra Analytics, All Hallows sets the groundwork for successful learning strategies each term. Teachers focus on their primary role – teaching – and providing effective student intervention strategies. The goal is to see tangible progress at the next data drop point when analysing data.

Why Sisra Analytics?

All Hallows recognises that other assessment tracking packages are available, but Sisra Analytics offers the unique capability to accurately forecast how cohort performance will evolve throughout the academic year. It offers a platform for essential conversations about student progress and intervention strategies, ensuring these plans are precise rather than vague or subjective.

Summary of the Article

  • All Hallows Catholic High School in Lancashire, England, received an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted report in March 2023.
  • Sisra Analytics played its part in this achievement by accurately tracking and monitoring student progress and facilitating the implementation of effective intervention strategies.
  • The school benefits from the outstanding customer support offered by Juniper Education.
  • Sisra Analytics guides the creation of intervention strategies tailored to specific student groups, ensuring they receive the appropriate support.
  • The school recognises the necessity of staff buy-in and continual professional development to fully leverage the potential of Sisra Analytics.
  • Despite the availability of other assessment tracking packages, All Hallows chooses the market leading system because of its accurate forecasting capabilities and its role in facilitating crucial conversations about student progress.

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