Websites that reflect you.

There’s a good reason Primarysite has created Trust websites for many of the UK’s leading Trusts. We build a strong digital foundation for your Trust, backed by research-driven optimised user journeys and ‘calls to action’ that work. Our designs work hard to showcase you at your best, generate ideas, and bring your branding to life.


Tailored to your school

Website Templates

Choose from a range of specifically designed multi-page website templates with the reassurance of knowing that they will be customised to reflect your brand and optimised for both your marketing messages and objectives.


Bespoke Websites

Alternatively, select a uniquely designed Trust website that is perfectly tuned to support your strategic growth, complete with enhanced branding features and user journey consultations to ensure your website is optimised to your audience.

PrimarySite school website marketing


We work hard to get to know your Trust; your vision, your values and who you are, but most importantly, we listen to you. This is then used to develop your brand and create an impactful identity to use in your website, communications tools, prospectuses and marketing, ensuring that you have absolute consistency throughout your Trust.

How your brand will evolve

1. Briefing

  • Discussion with you to inform our strategic, top-line brief.
  • Full briefing session, either one-to-one or as a workshop, to understand your vision, values, proposition and objectives.

2. Branding

  • Creation of your visual identity.
  • Drafting of your key copy statements and tone of voice.
  • Production of your Trust’s brand guidelines.

3. Planning

  • Production of your sitemap to show which pages we are planning on creating.
  • Development of wire frames to plan the contents for each of your pages.
  • Creation of a mood board to agree the look and feel of your site.

4. Design

  • Reveal key pages to show the style of your website.
  • Gain feedback from your team.

5. Build

  • Your website is then fully built.
  • We send you a staging address for your site so you can review it in its entirety.

6. Launch

Once your website is live, we can use your branding and key copy statements to develop other marketing materials such as new prospectuses, business cards and signage to ensure your message is consistent and your brand is memorable.

Guided decision making.

Digital Mood Board

Mood Board

Guiding decision making about your digital visual identity; colour palette, fonts, iconography, personality etc.


Wireframes of
key pages

Based on our knowledge of the website objectives and your target audiences, we build page structure maps.

Website design


Time to share design mock-ups for the key pages; if also producing academy sites we will show you a selection of how the brand integrates here.

Brand guidelines

Website Build &
Design Style Guide

A mini brand guideline for your digital visual identity.

Primarysite websites for trusts

Unify school websites under one brand.

If you are looking to establish a consistent brand identity for your Trust and Schools, we can create a standardised framework from which we build all your School websites. Along with a centralised brand, this can also deliver great economies of scale.

School branding

Create a family of brands.

For those looking to achieve a uniform look for every School, then we can create a family of brands to unify the look and feel of all the Schools, or for those who want to give each school freedom to choose their own design, we can work with each school individually while still offering multi-school discounts.

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