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Trust and School Photography

There are few things more useful in marketing than really great photography. Nearly every piece of design work you need will rely on good images to make an impact. We can help you create a portfolio of beautiful Trust and School photography that will form the basis of so much of your marketing material.

School photographer

Why you should use a professional

We can all take a photo, right? To a point, this is true, but being able to take a half-decent shot, doesn’t mean it’s a good one for marketing purposes. A selection of really good images is hard to capture (especially of groups of children) unless you’re a professional who understands composition, lighting and how to create exactly the kind of shot designers are looking for.

We’ve partnered with edupic, a professional education multimedia company, founded by our former senior photographer, Katie Roach, to provide our customers with a first-class service and expert media solutions at competitive prices.


Reason 1

You’ll have lots of shots to use again and again for several years


Reason 2

You get a group of images that work well together


Reason 3

The photography can be based on your values, communicating who you are


Reason 4

You will have high-resolution images which can be used across all formats

School photographer on shoot

How does a photography session work?

A session usually lasts half a day, and we will help you plan this to get the most out of the time. We’ll fully brief our photographer, based on the kind of images you’d like to achieve and what we think you need. Shots that involve people will need to be thought through to ensure attractive backgrounds are used and the right clothing worn (tidy uniform for example!). We will use our experience to guide you and ensure you’re very involved.

School websites

Bringing photos to life

Obviously, we can use great images as they are, but our talented designers are also able to overlay illustrations, which enhance a photograph and help to reinforce a particular message. By adding graphics to a photo and creating the illusion of movement, this playful approach particularly lends itself to School websites and can really grab attention.

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