Marketing your School or Trust?

So, where do you start?

You might be an expert in education, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know where to begin when it comes to School and Trust marketing. Don’t worry. We can help you (and handily we have lots of experience in both education AND marketing).

Depending on whether you’re a School or a Trust, you’ll be talking to different groups of people.

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If you are a School your primary audience is likely to be parents. You need to both promote your School to new parents and engage well with existing ones.

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If you are a Trust your target audience is likely to be quite diverse but, if you’re looking to grow, you’ll be wanting to attract new Schools. You may also be selective with potential Schools; seeking to attract those with a good cultural fit from the onset.

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We’ll help you create a strong marketing toolkit

Schools and Trusts may have different audiences and need to communicate different messages, but the marketing tools you use to do this are generally the same, you just use them in a different way. By working with you to create these tools and by tailoring them to your needs, we’ll give you a strong marketing toolkit that will do most of the work for you.

School branding

Branding & logo development

Stand out from the crowd with a strong logo and brand, uniquely developed to reflect your vision and values. This is where to start.

School prospectus

Prospectus & stationery

Create an excellent impression with an eye-catching brochure and consistent branding across all your printed and online material.

School photography


Essential for all promotional material, we’ll help you create a stunning portfolio of professional images to reflect the strengths you want to highlight.

School videography


A well-produced video will showcase you more effectively than almost anything. Use it on your website and social media platforms to grab attention.

Marketing materials for schools

Full re-brand package

For those looking for a fresh approach to align their marketing to their values and vision, our re-brand package may be perfect. From a brand strategy workshop to developing an impactful logo and marketing collateral, we’ll cover it all and what’s more it’s our most cost-effective package.

We work with thousands of Schools and Trusts

Our experience working with over 5,000 Schools and Trusts means we know how to make education, School and Trust marketing work. Whatever your budget, whatever you are trying to achieve, we’ll help you make the biggest impact you can.

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