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The Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) model has transformed the education landscape in England.

Well-managed MATs enable their schools to focus on excellence by supporting them with or relieving them completely of the business side of running a school.

In order to enable each wonderful school in your MAT to do its best for the pupils, the Trust needs to mature and standardise systems and processes across a range of key strategic areas.

This will ensure Trust leadership can compare like with like, benefit from the economies of scale to get good value from suppliers and to provide the resources and technology that make a difference in the classroom.

To help MAT leaders understand where they are in their journey to improve systems and processes across their Trust we have created this evaluation tool.

MAT Systems and Processes Evaluation

How does it work?

The MAT Systems and Processes Evaluation Tool covers eight broad areas with multiple-choice questions to provide an overall evaluation result.

It will take 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Looking at your results

When you complete the online questionnaire you will get an instant overall evaluation result which will categorise your MAT into one of four categories: Emerging; Developing; Optimising and Transforming

You will then be able to opt to receive a detailed report containing your overall score, score for each category and a summary of your MAT’s current maturity in relation to key system and process areas.  The full report contains suggestions for improvement and links to useful guidance and resources for each of the eight categories considered in the evaluation.

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