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Your people are vital to the success of your educational organisation, so an effective strategy to manage, nurture, and develop them is crucial. But many barriers often stand in the way: finding the budget and resources to manage HR internally, and finding the time for training in addition to heavy workloads.

Our integrated suite of HR and development solutions, combined with our help and sector-specific experience, gives you a comprehensive way of lifting those barriers. Get expert HR services that strip away the admin burden, make teacher training a practical, flexible reality, and accurately chart employees’ paths to growth and success.

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A total approach to HR

With Catalyst People, you can cover any HR challenge you might face with the support of a single provider. Our blend of systems, software and expertise combine in one specialist team, saving you valuable time and helping you proactively drive a stronger culture within your organisation. And with consultancy services and a dedicated HR consultant on hand, you can always call on an expert partner to guide the way forward.


Train the way you want

No longer does training have to be expensive, time-consuming or inconvenient. Our Mobile Professional Development Collection contains more than 130 staff development courses, available on-demand via our web portal and even offline on the Juniper mobile app. From trainee teachers to school leaders, every educator can get effective, focused training – any time, any place, all year round.

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Professional development made simple

Sisra Observe brings all of your professional development processes into one place. From their own personalised dashboard, staff can measure their progress, access all relevant documents and feedback, and keep track of tasks on an accessible, easy-to-use platform. By defining their own outcomes and getting detailed analysis of their growth, they can take control of their future success.

Stories of Success

Educational organisations just like yours are already benefiting from Juniper solutions.

Explore their experiences here, and get inspiration for how you can transform your HR and professional development.

Want to know more?

If you need more information on HR & Development, our FAQs will be able to answer any questions you have.

Human resources include a number of important services for any business. The main responsibilities of an HR professional are payroll, recruiting operations, benefits administration, learning and development within the team, and organisational and employee data management.

The above services are, of course, helpful for any employee within your company. In addition to this, HR can help employees identify their strengths and weaknesses, and can help chart a way forward in their careers. Having someone dedicated to managing and nurturing your staff is an excellent way to ensure the growth of your employees.

Staff development refers to training and skills development within your team. From improved IT skills to a comprehensive knowledge of managing pupils with SEN, the sky’s the limit when it comes to staff development when working with ambitious and hard-working individuals.

This is important because retaining your staff and improving their skills to fulfil developing roles within your school is more affordable and school-friendly than employing someone new. It also indicates your dedication to your staff and their growth, better equipping them for the future.

Employee development can be improved through training programs. Juniper Education offers a number of different courses and programs, all of which will equip your staff with useful skills and knowledge that they can take into their workspace. It is important, however, to consult your staff before setting them up in a program, as resources are best spent on those who are willing and eager to learn.