Headteacher Job Description Templates

Download our customisable Headteacher job description templates for crafting precise and impactful job descriptions and elevate your school's recruitment process. 

Customisable for your success

Customisable for your success

Successful recruitment relies on professional practices. An accurate and customisable job description template is essential for effectively shortlisting candidates based on your school's specific needs. 

Safer recruitment and compliance

Safer recruitment and compliance

Ensure your school or trust follows safe recruitment practices, promoting a secure and thorough recruitment process, all while adhering to employment laws and guidelines. 

Leave a lasting impression that counts

Leave a lasting impression

Create a professional job description that leaves a lasting and meaningful impression to secure the right Headteacher to help your staff and pupils thrive.  

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Do you want to attract top-tier Headteachers?

It all starts with the job description!  

In January 2022, there were 329 Headteacher vacancies, increasing to 378 in February and 418 in March, as the School Workforce Census reported. With rising recruitment demands, it is imperative to get it right when producing job descriptions for Headteachers.  

Download our free customisable templates and create an accurate and impactful job description for your Headteacher role that will help attract the best candidates for your school or trust.