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Whether it’s ensuring your students have all the resources they need, or ensuring your valued staff are paid on time, seamless financial management is critical for every educational body. But as demands continually change and budgets become stretched, making this happen can be easier said than done.

That’s where we come in.

Our selection of solutions, combined with years of experience working with organisations just like yours, can help you relieve the strain of financial planning and payroll. We can help you remove the shackles of difficult financial planning and strategy, and put every penny to work where it matters: supporting pupil success.

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School finance and payroll
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Make the most of your money.

Catalyst Financials helps you maximise your organisation’s budget and keep track of your expenditure across a constantly evolving education landscape. A combination of easy-to-use software and sector-specific expertise means you’re always in control of what’s being spent where and when, and that you can make informed decisions of how best to use the funds available to you.

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Payroll you can rely on.

A workforce that is paid accurately, on time, every time is a happy workforce. That’s why we’ve developed Catalyst Payroll, a CIPP-accredited solution that makes payroll both easy and reliable. Approve, amend and submit payroll in the same place you administer pensions, expenses, pay scales, RTI submissions, pensions and more, so you can take the admin burden out of your payroll and support your employees better.

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Educational organisations just like yours are already benefiting from Juniper solutions.

Explore their experiences here, and get inspiration for how you can take the strain away from your finance and payroll management.

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If you need more information on Finance & Payroll, our FAQs will be able to answer any questions you have.

School finance management encompasses finances from staff payroll to school dance budgets. It is of utmost importance that these finances are well managed to make informed budgetary decisions. Efficient and effective planning within the financial field will have far-reaching effects throughout your school.

Our financial experts ensure that your school’s finances go where they’re needed. From determining an ideal yearly budget to organising your payroll, we will help you to maximise your funds and make your money work for you.

Financial management is so important within the educational system because schools need to make the most of the funds that are available to them. We all feel the pressure of financial constraints and want to ensure that the money is spent where it is needed – on educating and developing the children under your care.

Payroll is just as important as creating the right budget. A team that is paid on time, every time, is happy and satisfied. Since a school’s staff are crucial to the running of any educational system, satisfied staff are crucial.