Education Resources Service

Our Education Resources Service offers your school or academy a cost-effective, flexible way to raise standards. We provide your teaching staff with access to the specialist books and resources they need to deliver the curriculum effectively, support wider reading and develop a learner-centred community.

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We are passionate about helping educational establishments to engage young learners with literacy and encouraging them to develop a lifelong love of reading. Our school library books are selected based on their engaging, educational content, and combined with our artefacts they can bring learning to life.

With our enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of children’s books, we can give your school or academy excellent support across the whole curriculum.

Education Resources Subscriptions

We offer a range of subscription bundles designed to meet the individual needs of your school and learners. By subscribing you’ll gain access to our diverse and broad collection of age-appropriate curriculum and reading for pleasure books and other learning resources. Alongside resources, receive expert support on all aspects of book collection development and primary school library management from our librarians. Our most comprehensive bundle includes access to the Juniper Book Awards, a library management system and eBooks.

Our Resources and Services include:

Book Exchange Service

A long-term loan of high-quality, age-appropriate books.

Our exchange system allows you to refresh your library or book corners by swapping an agreed amount of stock each year, making our books a fantastic, cost-effective, renewable resource.

  • Titles in our Exchange Collection are selected by experienced librarians to reflect the best in current children’s literature, helping you to provide a broad, diverse and inclusive reading for pleasure collection in school.
  • Visit our extensive library to select your books or if you prefer we can choose books for you to save you time.
  • Books come shelf-ready and serviced, with classification numbers, plastic jackets on paperbacks and fiction-category labels to help you and your pupils choose age-appropriate titles.
  • Accelerated Reader levelled books are also available via the Exchange Service

Termly Topic And Fiction Loan Boxes

Packed with resources to support teaching and learning in schools, our termly loan boxes have everything you need to dig deeper into curriculum topics or explore reading for pleasure.

Topic Loan Boxes

Our topic loan boxes contain 20 items hand-picked by our expert school librarians. This may include picture packs, posters and puppets, as well as non-fiction books. Our topic boxes are completely bespoke and selected to support the subject that is currently being studied in your classroom.

Fiction Loan Boxes

Promote reading for pleasure and support literacy, with our fiction loan boxes. These fantastic learning aids contain hand-picked fiction books, poetry and playsets. Select from the list below or let us know what you need.

P1 Poetry: Nursery rhymes and other rhymes, a wide range of contemporary and classic poetry, poems to learn by heart and a range of forms with different language play.

1 Reading for Pleasure: A wide range of high-quality books to help your pupils develop a love of reading, including key stories and significant authors.

2 Traditional and Fairy Tales

3 Stories with a Fantasy Theme

P2 Poetry: A wide range of poetry including different forms, poems to learn by heart and poems to perform.

7 Play scripts: 
Three different plays, in sets of six.

8 Traditional tales: 
Including myths, legends, folk tales, fables and fairy stories.

9 Wide range of fiction: 
Including different genres, such as adventure, fantasy, science fiction and historical.

19 Diaries, letters, autobiographies (first person recounts) and biographies

P3 Poetry: A wide range of poetry including different forms, poems to learn by heart and poems to perform.

13 Play scripts: 
Three different plays, in sets of six.

14 Traditional tales: 
Including myths, legends, folk tales, fables and fairy stories.

15 Stories from Other Cultures and Traditions

16 Fiction from Our Literary Heritage. Includes classic texts (some of which will be abridged versions) and Shakespeare

17 Modern Fiction: 
Including different genres and themes.

19 Diaries, letters, autobiographies (first person recounts) and biographies

Class Sets

Class sets, 30 copies of the same title, are available as part of Premier and Premier Plus Subscriptions or can be ordered for an additional fee by other subscribing or non-subscribing schools. Check out our full list of available class set loans here.

Playscript sets

Playscripts are available in sets of 30 copies as part of Premier and Premier Plus Subscriptions, or for an additional fee by other subscribing or non-subscribing schools. Check out our full list of available playscript loans here.

Education Resources Service - Artefact Loan Boxes

Artefact Loan Boxes

Bring the museum to your classroom, with our artefact loan box collections. Our artefact collection gives children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to see, touch and use objects from a period of history, a religion or a culture that is outside of their experience. We have over 300 boxes, covering 50 subjects including; recycling around the world, WW1, WW2, medieval history, the Romans, and much more.

The artefact service is designed for use by primary, special and secondary schools, as a stimulus for classroom discussion, research and creativity throughout the curriculum.

Education Resources Service - Story Sack Loans

Story Sack Loan Boxes

Engage your KS1 pupils and help them to develop a love of reading, with our Story Sack Loans which offer a multi-sensory approach to storytelling. Story Sacks bring each storybook to life, with a related non-fiction book and a variety of interactive toys and games.

Specialist Shopper Service

Our primary school bookshop is different. Rather than an online catalogue that can take time to browse and navigate, we have expert school librarians on hand to offer support and advice and do all the hard work for you.

Our experienced book specialists act as your personal shoppers, selecting quality, age-appropriate books to meet your specific requirements so buying the right books for your pupils couldn’t be easier

Here’s how it works:

1) Contact us with a brief description of any reading and book issues you’ve identified. You may be looking for resources to:

  • Give children access to a more diverse collection in your library.
  • Challenge more able readers with titles that are age-appropriate.
  • Support reading across the curriculum.
  • Improve the quality of KS1 story times.
  • Encourage reading engagement in the classroom book corner.

We know your setting is unique so the list can be endless and we can help you with everything. Plus, if you already have a list of titles that you’d like, just send the details over to us and we’ll check availability and cost.

2) Let us know your budget. There are no upper or lower limits.

3) We’ll contact you to discuss all your requirements including any library processing.

4) We create a costed book list for you to approve before the order is placed. We can keep refining the list until you are happy.

Buying books from Juniper gives you:

  • Discounted rates
  • Access to experienced book specialists
  • Recommendations and bespoke packs
  • A choice of library servicing options including AR and Dewey classification labelling and plastic jackets
  • Free delivery

Ordering your resources

Current subscribers:
If your school already has a subscription and you’d like to place an order, simply complete the order form online or download a copy and email it to us at [email protected]

Schools without a subscription
Please contact us at any time if you’d like to place an order and pay as you go or if you’d like to find out about the different subscriptions we offer.

Book and Library Awards

Helping children love reading

As part of our commitment to helping children love reading for pleasure we would like to invite you to take part in our Juniper Book Awards. The Awards are designed to improve literacy, facilitate debate and encourage reading for pleasure among pupils at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 2.

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