With so many pupils learning so many things every day, it can be difficult to keep track of who is achieving what, who is struggling where, and how everyone can measure the progress of every child. At Juniper, we’ve solved these problems by joining the dots with technology.

We’ve developed a coordinated suite of solutions that work together to make pupil progress a technology-driven success. From the time-saving support and quality assurance provided by Sonar Curriculum and the motivating impact of digital badging with Sonar Awards to the insights of Sisra Analytics, our solutions power learning and achievement every day. And with the rapid-response help of Sonar Tracker, no child gets left behind.

Sonar Curriculum - suitable for any device
Bett Awards 2022 Finalist
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Getting the right curriculum for you and your pupils.

Sonar Curriculum is an easy-to-use curriculum design tool that provides clarity around curriculum intent while allowing flexibility around implementation, for a broad, balanced and coherent curriculum you can rely on.

Whether you’re looking to design a new primary curriculum, quality-assure your current provision, or organise, present and store your curriculum in one place for a whole-school coherent approach, Sonar Curriculum will reduce workload and help you deliver your curriculum your way.

Sonar Awards Digital Backpack Powered by Certify
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Create, share, celebrate.

Everyone has a vested interest in pupil success: teachers, parents, and the pupils themselves. Sonar Awards brings all parties together to celebrate pupil achievement on a single digital platform, where certifications, qualifications, recognitions, and memberships can be charted through bespoke digital badges. Teachers can reward progress, parents can celebrate as their child grows, and pupils can drive themselves forwards to bigger, brighter things.

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Better answers, faster responses.

When pupils are struggling to achieve their potential, spotting the issues quickly makes it easier to get them back on track. Our Sonar Tracker doesn’t just show you the problems, though: it brings you solutions. Built on a customisable, complete-answers approach to early-warning tracking, it tracks patterns in pupil activity and delivers suggestions for detailed interventions that are best suited to the specific needs of the pupil and of your school.

Sisra Analytics
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Go beyond the results.

Exam scores only scratch the surface of student progress – there’s so much more you can learn and apply with a detailed, data-driven approach. Sisra Analytics brings together results, performance, and pastoral data to deliver insights that can help you understand exactly how each pupil is getting on. GDPR secure and accessible by any staff member from any Internet-connected device, it gives you the fullest possible picture – all year round.

Stories of Success

Educational organisations just like yours are already benefiting from Juniper solutions.

Explore their experiences here, and see how technology can help you deliver clearer progress and more coordinated learning.