It’s no wonder those looking after risk and assurance sometimes have sleepless nights…

Catalyst Risk to the core

Health and safety, compliance, and risk management; the list of issues that you need to keep on top of in your school or MAT are endless.

However, worrying about what might go wrong, or get missed is not a strategy. Nobody can be an expert in everything, but our experienced risk and compliance team can help.

Catalyst Risk identifies and covers every concern

Financial and legal compliance
Risk management
Internal Scrutiny and cyber security
Health and safety checks
School trips and visits
Fire security
Visitor access
Buildings and maintenance

A healthy, happy and safe school.

Restful, worry-free nights for you!

Our experts will help you navigate, understand and manage risk, compliance and assurance in your school or trust. We have all the training, guidance and policy advice you will ever need, all backed up by our experts’ deep understanding and experience. Allowing you to focus elsewhere.

Catalyst Risk we've got this

Governance Services

Our experienced team of governance professionals can provide specialist advice and guidance to support your governing body. We provide both in-school support and a readily available advice and guidance service to enable your governing body to carry out its duties effectively.

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Educational Visits

Our experienced Educational Visits team can support your school in providing a safe environment for children to learn outside of the classroom, one which meets national health and safety standards. We offer guidance on the effective management of outdoor learning, off-site visits and learning outside of the classroom.

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Policy and Document Bank

Over 50 statutory and advisory policies and documents written by education experts.

Easily editable documents

Easily editable documents which you can tailor to your setting.

Proactive email alerts

Proactive alerts on legislation changes that affect your school or trust’s policies.

Policy and document tracker

Policy and document tracker to self-audit and monitor reviews, renewals, and approvals of policies.

Bring it all together

Delivered and developed by our experts in Health and Safety, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, further your progress with our training and development opportunities. We are confident there is something for everyone in the range we have on offer, but we also provide bespoke training in specific areas where needed.

So you know that you have every risk and compliance issue identified and boxed off. Find out more about Catalyst Risk.

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