The Bemrose School: Triumph amidst challenges, fuelled by Sisra Analytics

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The Bemrose School


Located just a mile west of Derby City Centre, The Bemrose School is a testament to educational excellence and resilience. As an all-through school, it caters to a diverse student body aged 3 to 19, including many students who speak English as an additional language and a high percentage eligible for free school meals. Despite these unique challenges, The Bemrose School has carved a niche for itself in the educational landscape, making its achievements all the more admirable.

In March 2024, The Bemrose School received a glowing Ofsted inspection report, a testament to its commitment to providing high-quality education. This success story is reinforced by the strategic use of  Sisra Analytics from Juniper Education. This tool has driven the school's achievements over the past eight years.

Thanks to Sisra Analytics, we can drill down into details and perform intense interrogation of data to help our students exceed their expected outcomes.
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Neil Wilkinson Executive Headteacher, The Bemrose School

A broad and ambitious curriculum

The Ofsted report praised Bemrose's broad and ambitious curriculum, which was meticulously planned to ensure all pupils build their knowledge progressively. This curriculum is tailored to support the many students who join partway through the year, ensuring they achieve the curriculum aims despite their late entry. A noteworthy aspect is the 'period 6' sessions, where students can catch up on missed curriculum content with subject specialists, a testament to the school's commitment to every student's success.

Effective teaching and learning

The school's innovative approach to teaching and learning was highlighted as a strength. Teachers at The Bemrose School receive bespoke training through 'master classes' and 'teaching and learning communities,' ensuring they have the necessary subject knowledge and teaching methods. Sisra Analytics is vital in this process by providing detailed data insights that help teachers tailor their instruction to effectively meet students' needs.

The executive headteacher, Neil Wilkinson, emphasised how Sisra Analytics supports the school in manipulating complex data. It allows for detailed analysis of various demographic factors such as admission dates, pupil premium status, ethnicity, and gender. This granular level of analysis enables the school to implement targeted interventions that significantly impact student outcomes.

Supporting pupils with special educational needs

The school's support for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) received particular commendation. The internal enhanced resource provision effectively uses bespoke teaching, helping these pupils develop the skills and knowledge needed to transition into mainstream classes successfully. Sisra Analytics aids in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of these provisions, ensuring continuous improvement in the support provided.

Outstanding Sixth Form achievements

The sixth form at The Bemrose School is characterised by its personalised approach and high expectations. With 90% of students achieving A*-E grades and 21% securing two or more grades at A*-A last year, the sixth form's success is undeniable. Sisra Analytics contributes significantly by enabling detailed tracking of student progress and informing strategic decisions to enhance teaching and learning.

Enhancing cultural capital and careers education

The Bemrose School strongly emphasises developing students' cultural capital and preparing them for future careers. Recent trips and events, such as a visit to France and attending a British Basketball League match, enrich students' experiences. The school's robust careers education program, supported by Sisra Analytics, ensures that all Year 10 and 12 students benefit from work experience, preparing them well for their next steps.

A positive and supportive school environment

The Bemrose School creates a calm and orderly environment where pupils feel safe and supported. Effective behaviour management and bespoke interventions for those struggling with attendance or behaviour issues are key aspects of the school's approach. Staff at The Bemrose School feel proud and well-supported, with Sisra Analytics playing a crucial role in reducing workload and providing ready access to essential data for continuous improvement.

The role of Sisra Analytics in Bemrose's success

Neil Wilkinson credits Sisra Analytics with providing the tools necessary to contextualise and analyse complex data, enabling the school to make informed decisions. From quickly accessing data for coverage reports to conducting an in-depth analysis of specific demographics, Sisra Analytics has been integral to Bemrose's strategic planning and intervention processes.

"Thanks to Sisra Analytics, we can drill down into details and perform intense interrogation of data to achieve clear outcomes," Neil notes. "This allows us to focus on areas that need improvement and ensure our students are on track to meet or exceed their expected outcomes."


The Bemrose School's success story is a testament to its unwavering commitment to educational excellence amidst challenging circumstances. The strategic use of Sisra Analytics has been a cornerstone of this success, providing the insights and data needed to drive continuous improvement. As Bemrose continues to grow and thrive, it stands as a shining example of how dedicated leadership, innovative teaching, and effective use of technology can transform the educational experience for every student.