Queen Elizabeth School: Enhancing data management with Sisra Analytics

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Queen Elizabeth School in Cumbria has embarked on a new journey in data management since the start of the 2023/24 academic year. Under the leadership of Vicky Pimblett, Associate Assistant Headteacher, the school has adopted Sisra Analytics from Juniper Education. This decision came after the realisation that their previous assessment system was inefficient and didn’t provide the data needed to all the correct audiences in school. The transition aimed to streamline and improve data-sharing processes and reduce the workload for Vicky and her team. This case study explores the positive impact of Sisra Analytics on the school’s data management practices and the broader benefits experienced by the staff and students.

The challenge

Before adopting Sisra Analytics, Queen Elizabeth School relied on a clunky and manual data crunching process using their own in-house spreadsheets. This process was time-consuming and resulted in delays in data dissemination. Consequently, heads of departments and teachers were overwhelmed with non-user-friendly data, which hindered effective intervention and support for students.

The solution

To address these challenges, Vicky and her team introduced Sisra Analytics at the beginning of the 2023/24 academic year. The decision to transition to this platform was driven by its capability to provide user-friendly and accessible data presentations. The school implemented Sisra Analytics gradually, starting with Year 11 mock exams in October, then Year 13 in January, and then extending to Year 10 and Year 12. This phased approach allowed the staff to familiarise themselves with the system without being overwhelmed.

Benefits realised

Since the adoption of Sisra Analytics, Queen Elizabeth School has experienced significant improvements in several key areas:

  1. Streamlined data sharing: Sisra Analytics has enabled the efficient and timely sharing of student progress data with key stakeholders. Tutors, teachers, heads of years, and heads of departments now have access to relevant data in an easy-to-interpret and use format.
  2. Workload reduction: Vicky and her team have benefited from a reduced workload as Sisra Analytics translates and converts raw data into user-friendly graphs and charts. This automation has eliminated the need for manual data crunching and has sped up the process of making data-driven decisions.
  3. Improved data accessibility: Sisra Analytics' intuitive interface ensures that all stakeholders can access the data they need. This has led to better-targeted interventions and support for students, as staff can quickly identify and address areas of concern.
  4. Responsive support: Sisra Analytics' support has been exceptional. Vicky highlighted the effectiveness of the help guides and the support team's prompt assistance, which have been crucial in ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing use of the platform.


The transition to Sisra Analytics has marked a significant improvement in data management at Queen Elizabeth School. The platform has not only streamlined the sharing of student progress data but also reduced the workload for the staff, making the data more accessible and useful for all stakeholders. Vicky's positive experience underscores the value of Sisra Analytics in enhancing educational data management.

Call to action

Senior leaders at secondary schools across England who are facing similar challenges with their MIS assessment systems are encouraged to explore Sisra Analytics. Discover how this powerful tool can transform data management, streamline processes, and ultimately improve student outcomes.