Leveraging Sisra Analytics’ MAT Dashboard

The Game-Changer for Prominent Multi-Academy Trusts in England. 

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In the ever-evolving educational landscape of England, several large and established Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) have turned to a transformative solution for their data management needs: Sisra Analytics’ MAT Dashboard. This integrated system offers seamless, real-time analytics that drives educational excellence across networks of schools.

The heads of data, teaching, learning and assessment from the following MATs explained the value and benefit they and their whole trusts get from using the Sisra MAT Dashboard:

  • Excalibur Academies Trust
  • Together Learning Trust
  • Shaw Education Trust
  • Minerva Learning Trust
  • E-ACT
  • The Sir John Brunner Foundation
  • Greenwood Academies Trust
  • Advance Learning Partnership

Key Benefits Experienced Across MATs

Seamless Integration & Real-Time Analysis: MATs have emphasised the ease of transitioning to this system. They experienced instant access to essential metrics without the previously tedious process of logging into multiple systems.

Enhanced Data Accuracy & Security: Juniper Education’s Sisra Analytics ensures precision in data handling. With features like aligning key stage 2 data as per DfE guidance and QAN codes to check grade methodology, trusts like E-ACT have experienced unparalleled accuracy and consistency across their schools.

Customised Training & Support: E-ACT and others highlighted the benefits of bespoke training sessions tailored to their needs, leading to improved confidence, especially around critical times like Results Day. Greenwood Academies Trust’s Data Manager, Samantha, gave a high rating for Juniper’s support and consultancy team, emphasising their expertise and product knowledge.

Facilitated Collaboration: The MAT Dashboard has not only improved data accessibility but has also fostered collaboration. Advance Learning Partnership, for example, leverages the dashboard to share best practices across its schools, ensuring that they learn from each other’s successes and challenges.

Cost-Efficiency: E-ACT particularly noted the cost benefits of the system, highlighting the efficiency in handling complex DfE methodologies across their network without the need for in-house management.

Empowering Various Stakeholders: From teachers to trustees, stakeholders at different levels of MATs have felt the transformative impact of the dashboard. The unified data approach has enabled them to focus on actionable insights, thereby enhancing student outcomes,


Peter Davies of E-ACT appreciates the Help Button feature for prompt resolutions, stating, “Sisra allows administrators to spend time processing, enabling school leaders to quickly identify school improvement priorities.”

Laura, Director of Information Strategy at Advance Learning Partnership, emphasised the time efficiency, noting that plans were ready “by the end of the first week.”

Samantha from Greenwood Academies Trust believes Sisra’s MAT Dashboard is a stepping stone to an even more integrated and efficient future.


Sisra Analytics’ MAT Dashboard by Juniper Education has emerged as an indispensable tool for some of the most prestigious MATs in England.

The MAT Dashboard is at the forefront of transforming how trusts navigate and utilise educational data by ensuring data accuracy, fostering collaboration, and enhancing strategic planning. As Peter Davies succinctly put it, this innovation ensures that “students have the best chance of success through action.”