Nishkam School West London: Charting an Outstanding Path with Sisra Analytics

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Nishkam School West London, a mixed-gender, multi-faith school catering to ages 4 to 19, has recently achieved an 'Outstanding' rating from Ofsted. This success story is a testament to their unwavering commitment to educational excellence, notably supported by their strategic use of Sisra Analytics.

The advantage that Sisra gives you is that it is naturally user-friendly. I find the interface really quite intuitive.
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Gerard Dineen Headteacher for Secondary, Nishkam School West London

The journey to excellence

"We operate at a high level and standard every single day here, so we were delighted with the outcome."

In a recent discussion with Gerard Dineen, the Headteacher for Secondary, the school's journey to excellence was illuminated. Gerard highlighted the school's focus on maintaining high standards and a culture of continuous improvement, which naturally aligns with Ofsted’s expectations.

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Sisra Analytics: A tool for progress

“The advantage that Sisra gives you is that it is naturally user-friendly. I find the interface really quite intuitive.”

The school's use of Sisra Analytics is an element in this success story. Sisra Analytics is pivotal during key assessment windows, particularly for exam year groups. Gerard pointed out the user-friendly interface and how seamlessly it co-exists with the school's MIS, which significantly streamlines data analysis and reporting processes.

Data-driven decision making

"Our reporting systems ensure that our curriculum leaders and middle leaders are going through interim results class by class, looking at trends and analysing the data on the Sisra platform. We then use this data to make informed decisions about next steps."

The school’s outstanding Progress 8 score of 0.92 and high rates of English Baccalaureate (EBacc) entry (84%) reflect a data-informed approach. Sisra Analytics aids in examining these results, providing staff with critical insights for decision-making. This includes identifying areas for improvement and focusing on subject-specific strategies to enhance student outcomes.

Personalised support

"To eke out progress, you need pretty much have every student putting their shoulder to the wheel and really driving progress for us because they all want to do really well."

Another key to their success has been the personalised support for students, especially those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The school's detailed approach to identifying and addressing these needs is made more efficient with data insights from Sisra Analytics. The school uses Sisra to track core groups such as SEND and pupil premium. The platform allows users to easily compare these groups' attainment and progress against FFT5/FFT20 targets and their performance in prior assessments.

Cultural and behavioural shifts

"Culture shifts in terms of what students expect of themselves and others. When students see outstanding attainment and outcomes, it is easier for those who follow, you get a critical mass and a tipping point. Our first Year 11 cohort delivered for us and really have set the bar high for those who follow."

Gerard emphasised the importance of culture and behaviour in achieving educational excellence. The school's environment, characterised by high expectations and a commitment to progress, creates a conducive learning atmosphere, reflected in its students' outstanding behaviour and attitudes, as noted in the Ofsted report.


Nishkam School West London’s story is one of dedication, resilience, and strategic innovation. Its outstanding Ofsted rating recognises its current achievements and reflects a progressive educational ethos deeply embedded in data-driven practices facilitated by Sisra Analytics. As it continues to harness the power of data and maintain its high standards, Nishkam School West London sets a shining example for educational institutions aiming for excellence.

"Leaders are relentless in their desire to improve the school. Staff feel that leaders are considerate of their workload and well-being. They are proud to work at this school."

Ofsted inspection of Nishkam School West London, January 2024, ‘Outstanding’

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