Crowdys Hill School Case Study

Transforming HR Administration 

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HR systems, policies, templates, guidance, contracts and staff development software. Created in 2020 to consolidate the HR services Juniper offers, this service is now available as our People management solution and HR services.

Crowdys Hill School

In the heart of Swindon, Crowdys Hill School is a beacon of support and education for children with special educational needs (SEN). Nestled within its welcoming walls is a dynamic community that evolves, adapts, and embraces change. 

Introducing Crowdys Hill School 

Meet Simon Winchester, the dedicated School Business Manager at Crowdys Hill School. For over a decade, Simon has witnessed the school’s journey, navigating changes in support structures and educational services with unwavering resilience. Crowdys Hill School has always strived to create a nurturing environment for its students while providing a streamlined experience for all its staff. 

The Challenge 

In April 2023, Swindon Borough Council withdrew its HR administrative services, which had been an essential pillar of support for Crowdys Hill. The abrupt halt left the school in a state of limbo, enduring months of waiting for crucial contracts and lacking a dedicated point of contact for HR matters.  

The Turning Point 

Desperate for a reliable solution and frustrated by delays, the school turned to Juniper Education's HR services for help. Their choice was strategic – the school needed an efficient service that didn’t require close oversight causing additional workload. Juniper was able to handle the school's HR administration, including contracts, with stress-free efficiency.  

The transition was not just about paperwork; it was about embracing a partnership that would elevate the school’s HR operations. Juniper’s education HR team, a group of seasoned HR professionals, embarked on a journey with Crowdys Hill, tailored to its unique needs and challenges. Their focus was on streamlining HR processes and enhancing the overall HR strategy to align with the school's professional educational objectives. 

The Transformation 

The fast turnaround time took Simon and his team at Crowdys Hill School aback. What used to take weeks or even months was now being done in an astonishing 1-to-3 days. The school’s contracts were handled efficiently, with quality or accuracy being uncompromised. Crowdys Hill saw a seamless transition from their prior HR administration woes to a highly expert and reliable solution. 

The HR advice line also became an invaluable resource for the school. They could now seek guidance on a diverse range of complex HR issues and receive prompt advice from Juniper Education's expert team. This support helped the school optimise its operations, compliance, and a conducive working environment for staff. 

A Journey of Trust and Transformation 

Juniper not only brought efficiency to the table, but also the human touch. Crowdys Hill’s team were able to ‘set and forget’ their tasks and delegate them, knowing the HR team would handle their paperwork with the utmost care. The transition marked a substantial shift from previous bureaucratic challenges, delivering a transformative and streamlined HR administration experience. 

Simon is effusive in his praise for Juniper’s approach. He shared, "The service stands out due to the consultant's friendly, approachable, and down-to-earth communication style. The team ensures a clear understanding of HR matters and focuses on aligning goals for employee well-being. The approach emphasises empathy and kindness, valuing employees' needs and considering humane solutions rather than solely legal perspectives. Our consultants representing Juniper Education combine technical expertise with a people-centric mindset, enriching the service with a compassionate touch and effective solutions. I’m already loving the change. Juniper's team are absolutely fantastic, and Crowdys Hill School couldn’t ask for better HR support.” 

Customer Quotes

“Juniper’s service is better than we've ever had before.” 

“Our consultant is one of the most efficient and helpful people I've ever seen."

And so, at Crowdys Hill School, a partnership was born - a partnership that exemplified transformation, efficiency, and, most importantly, empathy. With Juniper Education by their side, the school was not just surviving; it was thriving, providing an even more exceptional learning environment for their students and a more streamlined experience for their staff.