Headteacher Recruitment Checklist for MATs

Shape the future of your multi-academy trust with our headteacher recruitment checklist. 

A guide to help governors and trustees make effective decisions when recruiting and selecting headteachers for MATs.

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Specialised expertise

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Benefit from our team's 200 years of combined education HR experience to help you recruit the right leader for your academy or trust.

High calibre candidates

High-calibre candidates

Finding the best headteacher for a MAT won’t always be straightforward. Follow our checklist for a successful recruitment outcome and secure the best candidate for the job.

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Streamline the process

Our step-by-step checklist tackles the unique challenges of recruiting a leader for any MAT, ensuring nothing is overlooked and saving you precious time educators just don’t have.

Your Headteacher Recruitment Checklist

According to the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), data suggests a yearly increase in the number of headteachers leaving the profession.

With headteacher recruitment on the rise, it’s important to secure the right headteacher, as statistics show the success of any school, academy, or trust relies on its leadership.

Success at every stage:

✔️ Designed for academies and trusts by education HR experts

✔️ Provides a detailed roadmap for a successful headteacher recruitment process

✔️Guidance to ensure you follow safe recruitment practices