Webinar On Demand

How to engage parents and families in their child's learning journey

November 2022

In this webinar, we will be asking the question, "Do you really engage your parents?” and our expert panel will discuss and answer questions around:

  • Why parental engagement is important
  • What are the challenges with engaging parents and how to overcome them
  • Best methods for communication – what are the right channels, formats and times to engage parents
  • Strategies, tactics, and solutions to improve parental engagement.


Guest Speakers:

Ryan Pummell – Community Engagement Specialist & School Governor
Ryan has worked with schools and trusts for the last five years, helping them better engage with their parents and communities through creative websites and communication technology. As a parent of two young children and Vice Chair of Governors and SEND Link Governor for Hampton Lakes Primary School, Ryan has first-hand experience of the challenges and barriers to effective engagement.

Andrew Sharp - Executive Head Teacher at Allenton Community Primary School and Pear Tree Community Junior School
Andrew Sharp has spent over 20 years in primary education. He has worked in a variety of schools as a leader across Nottingham and Derby. As Head Teacher, he has overseen the rapid improvement of two schools in areas of high economic disadvantage, including gaining a 'good' judgement in a school described as stuck (never having a good judgement) by the DfE. He is currently a Partnership Lead and Executive Head Teacher with Transform Trust. He has a particular interest in the impact of successful parental engagement.

Adrian Burt - Founder, MarvellousMe Parental Engagement App
Adrian has worked in education for nearly 20 years. A parent of two children, he is passionate about all children being happy, motivated and successful at school, and equipped with life-long learning skills. His frustrations with traditional school communications inspired him to create MarvellousMe, to improve outcomes through more positive parent engagement.

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