Why is professional development so important for teachers and pupils?

Did you know that 63% of senior leaders and 53% of school teachers have considered leaving the education sector in the past two years?

This trend underlines just how important continuing professional development for teachers is in today’s education landscape. Our free guide explores how it can help with teacher retention, and benefit teachers, pupils and schools alike.

Professional Development

What our guide covers:

  • Why professional development is important
  • The current perceptions of professional development in schools
  • The statistics around professional development and CPD in schools
  • The importance of creating a culture that supports professional learning
  • How professional learning can benefit teachers, pupils and your organisation
"If you’re going to improve the outcomes of students, and the day-to-day offer that you give students, that needs to be done through staff who are open, reflective and looking to improve their practice."
Pepe Di’Iasio
Headteacher, Wales High School, South Yorkshire.

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