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Product Discovery Program


We are very excited that you want to come on this journey with us and help us to create and develop products that our customers love!

What is Product Discovery?

A product is any item or service we sell to serve our customer’s needs or wants. Within Juniper, there is a dedicated team who are responsible for building and developing our software called the Product Team. Product discovery plays a key role in helping our product team decide which products and features to prioritise and build while setting the stage for achieving product excellence.

The product discovery process has two distinct parts. It includes developing a deeper understanding of customers, then using that knowledge to build products our customers love. The process enables our teams to move beyond “nice to have” features and products towards building products that solve problems and delight our customers.

What happens next?

As a member of the Program, our Product Team will be given your contact details and informed which products you are interested in supporting us with. As/when required, you will be invited to provide feedback via a range of channels:


  • Quick Polls/Surveys

  • Small group empathy/ideation sessions

  •  Comment on prototypes / mock-ups

  •  Short 30-minute interview

  •  Access to the Juniper Ideas portal*

*Product dependent – this feature may not be currently available for your product.

What’s in it for me?

By participating in research activities and providing us with feedback, you will be actively shaping and influencing both immediate changes as well as the future of our products, creating solutions that not only work for you but for others too.

Do I have to participate in all these things?

Of course not! In Product, we use a variety of methods to collect feedback from our customers, all of which is valuable. All of the above means of gathering information are completely optional – you can decide what to engage with and when.

Can I opt-out of the Product Discovery Program?

Absolutely – if at any time you no longer want to be included in any of our discovery work, please email
(please note, this inbox is not regularly monitored and should not be used for support/training/sales etc.).

I’ve opted in to the Product Discovery Program, but not been asked for my feedback?

Don’t worry – this could be for a number of reasons. Juniper Education works with over 10,000 schools, so it is not physically possible to engage with every single one of our customers on every single element of product design. It may be that you have shown interest in a product that we don’t currently require feedback on or that we already have enough feedback from other customers – remember, we are looking for variation in things like school type, role, level of engagement etc. and so be patient, we’ll be in touch at some point!

Help us create the next generation of EdTech

Help shape and influence the development of our current and future products:

  • Ensure our products meet your needs.
  • Feedback your views on new ideas.
  • Share your real-world experiences.