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Unveiling Juniper's Primary School Library Posters!

It's sometimes difficult to organise non-fiction books in a primary school library in a way that works for staff & children, that’s why we’ve designed these eye-catching posters.

Based on our system of colour coding non-fiction, the posters help children and staff find subjects to support their learning. Just add coloured tape to your book spines to identify the subject and you’re ready to go.

Why Choose Juniper's Primary School Library Posters?

Colour Coding

  • Avoids complicated, hard to maintain classification.
  • Easy to understand broad curriculum based subject groups.
  • Easy to implement and maintain, meaning you can make the most of the stock you have with minimum staff time.

Add Our Posters To Signpost The Way

  • Clear signage so everyone can use the library successfully.
  • Striking graphics, fun characters, and clear typography, ensuring they catch every eye in the room.


For Just £15.00 You Get:

  • 11 subject posters
  • 1 subject key poster
  • Notes to help you apply colour coding
  • Provided as a PDF file
  • Please note: Payment by invoice


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