Learning outside of the classroom

Our Educational Visits team can support your school in providing a safe environment for children to learn outside of the classroom, one which meets national health and safety standards.

We offer guidance on the effective management of outdoor learning, off-site visits and learning outside of the classroom. Our proven framework ensures that you meet all statutory health & safety responsibilities, while observing duty of care requirements.

We ensure that all visits are recorded, monitored and approved online by your school’s Educational Visits Co-ordinator (EVC) or Headteacher. Higher-risk visits may be approved by the local authority (LA) Educational Visits Adviser.

Support is administered via EVOLVE, an online approval system, while advice and guidance are provided through our helpdesk, or via the OEAP website for national guidance.

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Key features and benefits

  • Web-based educational visits system, for notification and approval of off-site visits
  • Educational Visits telephone helpline, for advice and support
  • Provider and visit monitoring
  • Secure document storage for important policies and visit submissions
  • Online resources, such as generic risk assessments, policy examples and numerous support documents for use by both visit leaders and EVCs/Headteachers
  • A robust system to evidence responsibility for health and safety and duty of care reporting
  • CPD staff training programme

Courses and Training Provided

  • Visit Emergency Training
  • Visit Leader Training
  • How to Use and Maintain Your School’s EVOLVE Portal
  • Outdoor Learning / Environmental card

Visit Leader Training

E-Learning Course

This online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) module in Visit Leader training is offered under annual license, so that your staff can complete the required training in their own time. Subscription costs for the year are based on school type/size.

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All of our courses can be adapted to suit your school’s needs. Establishments are monitored through the annual ‘Schools Health & Safety Audit’ and EVOLVE online submission systems, to ensure that they meet health and safety requirements.

We are introducing an e-learning alternative to in-school Visit Leader training. Designed to cover all aspects of Visit Leader training, the e-learning module includes:

  • 24/7 Access to training material on all devices (Including iOS & Android)
  • Audit trail for staff CPD
  • OEAP Adviser developed course
  • EVOLVE, CLOtC, and RoSPA endorsed training module
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Responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare

Legal duty of employers under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and associated regulations: Employers must ensure that employees are provided with appropriate guidance, training, and access to further competent advice.

The employer retains overall responsibility for health, safety and welfare. The Local Authority (LA) is the employer in LA maintained schools (community and VC), Statutory Youth Service, Looked After Children and other LA services or settings. The governing body, trustees, and owners are the employer at foundation, VA, academies, and free and independent schools.

Employers have overall responsibility but will delegate most visit approval to Headteachers, as they know the visit leaders and young people. The educational visits support service helps schools to ensure these responsibilities are met, staff are trained and competencies are developed and recorded.

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