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Educational visits just got easier

Every child should have the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. That’s why Juniper takes the stress out of educational visits for schools, academies and trusts.

Take the stress out of school trips 

Our educational visits support service isn’t just about meeting regulatory standards – it’s about giving pupils a safe and unforgettable learning experience. With our team's expert guidance and training, managing your school trips has never been easier.


Your subscription includes:


Professional advice and support from safeguarding experts


Comprehensive CPD courses, including health and safety training


Web-based system for notifications and recording trips


Monitoring of providers and school visits




Optional features like MIS Link, online consent and shared calendars


Access to regulatory services and customised training packages


Operational procedures and robust policies/Codes of Practice



Children walking in a field

Let us plan your next school trip

Educational visits made easy

We're here to keep your pupils safe while out exploring and mitigate any potential risks for your school.


✓  Receive advice on educational visits and outdoor education

✓  Get guidance and reviews in line with DfE recommendations

✓  Access dedicated support for Headteachers, EVCs, and safeguarding leads

✓  Free training for Educational Visits Coordinators

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