Thousands of Target Tracker subscribers already make use of the iOS app for creating pupil observations and statement assessments.

Until now it has only been possible to enter group assessments and many have asked for the ability to enter individual statement assessments for each pupil.

We are really pleased to announce that an update is now available to enable that, widely requested feature.


Not only that, but we have taken the opportunity to go much further.

You can now see the current statement assessments, rather than just ‘push’ updates. Additionally, the huge bank of exemplification attached to all the Target Tracker statements can now be viewed directly in the app.

These new facilities are available when creating an Observation but also a stand-alone tool, assessed via the Assessment tab.

These new features elevate the app to a full formative assessment tool which may be used to save time in the classroom. As the pupil groups and statement groups synchronise with the desktop application, teachers can now quickly and easily choose the statement and pupils they are working with. Then enter the assessments during the teaching session rather than making notes and entering them on the desktop later on – saving time and workload. This further enables the collection of valuable and accurate formative pupil data.

If you don’t already have the Target Tracker app, download it here

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