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Jumanji meets the Hunger Games

When Arthur, Ren and Cecily investigate a mysterious explosion, they find themselves trapped in the year 2473.

Lost in Wonderscape, an epic in-reality computer game, they must call on the help of some famous characters from history to help them progress through the levels and escape before time runs out.

The Game is on – Travel with Wonder.

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Rob Bartlett

A hugely exciting and playful mash-up of video game and history that’s why I liked it. It was very different to the usual books I read and I really liked it.
I think anyone who likes a bit of everything; a bit of history and computer games combined, would adore this book. It was amazing. I loved every second of it and would recommend to any age.
Aragon – Longacre School

Yanxi J - Habs Girls

Wonderscape is a book in which I have no words to describe it as it was so brilliant that I was rendered speechless at the end. Although it started at a moderately slow speed, it swiftly began to pick up the pace and soon was moving at the speed of the Pipsqueaks’ race car – that is to say, extremely fast! I particularly loved that each hero (or historical figure) pioneered in a different area of expertise and how the world they inhabited suited each hero so uniquely and the interactions the heroes had with each other at the end… Read more »

Selinna Moulsham

I really enjoyed this book. It was an awesome combination of video games and history. I wish there was a part two where they go on another adventure. My question to the author is will there be a sequel?

David, Moulsham High School

So far this book seems pretty good. However, as the plot of it is that they are in some sort of game, it would be do much better if it was an actual game!
Also, are all the people in this book actual people who lived? That’s all I really have to ask.
I would definitely recommend this book to people who are my own age.

Edith, Moulsham High School

This book is full of adventure. It is very imaginative and I was able to figure out a problem before the characters. Maybe a sequel would be very nice and fun!

Sam, Moulsham High School

I know they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but at the first sight I knew I was going to enjoy it. I loved the fact that all the clues needed to solve the puzzles lie right here in the book. This kept me engaged with each clue leading to the next, all participating in the overall plot. The idea of an in reality game intrigued me alongside my love of history.

My question for the author is how do you get inspired?

10/10 recommend for everyone.
Please do a sequel.

Yatika, Moulsham High School

This is a great book! Lots of mysteries to solve. There a mixture of adventure, suspense and detective work. It’s not exactly my type, however the plot is really fascinating. Reading may not be my sort of thing but this was very engaging.

I would like to ask the author what is her favourite genre to write or read?

Olivia, Moulsham High School

I loved this book! It is thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend it to ALL! The character emotions and plot twists spiral this book into different directions every time. No matter what situation, there is always a problem, but with courage and teamwork, the characters always seem to pull through. This book demonstrates courage, kindness and intelligence with a hint of adventure and action.

I would like to ask the author what inspired her to write this novel?


Gabriel - Great Easton Primary

Wonderscape is an incredible book that takes you on an awesome adventure through history.I think if you enjoy learning about past heroes, taking terrifying risks, than this is a book you will love!!!
The game is on.
Travel with wonder.


An amazing book, loved it. The experience of even reading it was terrific. Loved the end!

Sushant L KEGS

Wonderscape is a brilliant book and my parents literally had to grab the book out of my hands as I was reading it non-stop. It was just too good to let go and I can read it again and again.
Maybe, the author should consider writing a sequel.

Emma MHS

Got to be fast on this entry, i only have 34 hours, 17 minutes and 54,53,52 seconds before i turn into protoplasm AKA snot ( hope you get the joke ) I’m really enjoying Wonderscape so far. The hunt for Milo Hertz is well under way. One of the best books so far. Highly recommend if you haven’t read it yet. I’m learning so much more about historical heroes( Tomoe Gozen is my favorite), also love the book as i am really into video games as well. Such a good book, cant wait to read more!
-Emma, MHS

Luke, Great Easton Primary School

It had a good plot. It was quite episodic, though – they had one adventure in one realm and then another in the next, and not much link between them. I didn’t like how much help the children had to have from the historical heroes in order to save themselves. The idea of an in-reality computer game was a great idea for a book. It definitely made me wonder what computer games will be like in my lifetime.

Kylesh A, KEGS

This was a fantastic book! It is a fusion of history and adventure gaming.
I liked the plot of the book, that 3 very different children are caught up in the same thrilling adventure. Every page of this amazing novel is filled with imagination and creativity, using charcters from real life as well as fictional charcters. I would rate it 10/10 and recommend it to any age.

Last edited 7 months ago by Kylesh A, KEGS
Olivia Clayton hall academy

I really loved this book! This is definitely a book that I would read again. I was sucked into this book from the very first page, I enjoyed the way the characters had to work together to get back home. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a nice quirky book with plot twists and a bit of mystery.

Hayden - Harris Academy Ockendon

Wonderscape The book wonderscape is about three main characters (each of whom have a distinct personality trait) who enter a ‘wonderway’ (a magic portal) which takes them ~453 years into the future. They are inside a reality video games called wonderscape. They have 57 hours to find the time key inventor to get though challenges and to get home. Overall, during reading I have noticed that the grammar is good. I have also noticed that the vocabulary used remained consistently above average. The plot and story itself is vey hooking and makes me want to read it for days non-stop.… Read more »

Vihaan KEGS

A story full of adventure, wonder, thrill and intellect. This was the best book I have read in the JBA project. Three children are about to go to school when an unexpected blast occurs on number 27 Peacepoint Estate. They go inside the building to check the damage, not knowing that their extraordinary journey is just about to begin. I would recommend this book to anybody who loves adventure and tension. I would rate this book a 10/10.  

Alexa L. CCHS

This book is amazing and the idea was also amazing. I liked how it’s turned out and how the main protagonists didn’t know each other at the start because it causes and interesting twist.

Aurelia, St Cedd's School

I really liked Wonderscape because you don’t know what’s going to happen next and I liked the way you have to complete challenges to get to different places and how they meet up on the way. This book is also a really good adventure and it takes you back in time too.

Rohan Kegs Chelmsford:)

Loved the book it kind of reminded me of the movie Ready Player One

John. St John Payne

‘Wonderscapes’ Book Review Overall, I think that this is a great book that is action-packed with adventure and excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as unlike some other books I have read you can read it over time. Some previous books I have read have had quite complex plots so if you didn’t read the book for a couple of days or I would read the next chapter and it wouldn’t make sense anymore and I wouldn’t remember what had happened and how it all came together. That is what I liked about this book. It also has modern… Read more »

Dorian. St John Payne

I would recommend this book because the storyline is quite interesting especially with the realms idea. I like it how it slowly revealed you different truths about the world. e.g. first they arrive they think it is a normal game from the future and later they start to realise that the founders are up to no good. As well as this it is telling you about different people in history.
The Best part is when they travelled to each realm. I hope to see a part 2.

Ben - Hockerill Anglo European College

Jennifer Bell’s novel is about a normal boy called Arthur who has woken up and saw a explosion. He sees 2 girls called Ren and Cecily who try to find out what has happened when they were on their way to school. Then they get time travelled into 20th century.    Arthur, Ren and Cecily investigate a mysterious explosion on their way to school, they find themselves trapped aboard The Principia – a scientific research ship sailing through hazardous waters, captained by one Isaac Newton. Lost in the year 2473 in the Wonders cape, an epic in-reality adventure game, they must call on the help of some unlikely… Read more »

Libby - Hockerill Anglo European College

Jennifer bell’s book wonderscape is a journey through the future and past at exactly the same time! This book is based on 13-year-old teens called Ren Arthur and Cecily and a small dog called cloud. Read this book and travel to the future and look at the past with them.  In this book Ren Arthur and Cecily travel to the future and visit wonderscape, a game where they have one life and a time limit of 3 days. Arthur a shy boy of 13 who is lonely but clever. Ren a tough girl of 13 who has special skills inherited from her mums. Cecily a… Read more »

Sophie - Hockerill Anglo-European College

Jenifer bell’s novel Wonderscape features the events of three secondary school children Arthur, Ren, and Cecily on their adventure into the 25th century; where they face several challenges throughout. This book features aspects from the past, present, and future all whilst they continue on their journey.   Arthur, Ren, and Cecily live on ordinary peacepoint estate but soon venture into number 27 after hearing a large explosive sound. Before they know it, they are stuck in a reality game in the 25th century along with many historical heroes, that is full of adventure and secrets. Before long they face a series of gaming challenges, to make it home before… Read more »

Emma - Hockerill Anglo-European College

The book Wonderscape, by Jennifer Bell, is an action-packed adventure for the reader including mystery and excitement. It is a well thought through tale that is full of bravery and suspence.     When friends Arthur, Ren and Cecily explore an abandoned house they get pulled into another dimension, by a portal, in the 25th century. While trying to escape the encounter many famous faces and learn how to work as a team. They have to keep a low profile but must win the hardest levels to achieve their ever-impending doom that awaits around every corner. The race is on to not only free themselves but to free Wonderscape.  … Read more »

Dylan -- Hockerill Anglo-European College

In this review, I have written about Jenifer bells novel wonderscape is a journey through a virtual reality game in 2473 called the wonderscape. This is an adventure book where teenagers Arthur, Ren and Cecily are taken on a journey to the future.   The book starts when Arthur is walking to school one day. This book will hook you in right away because in the first chapter there is action as he notices a series of explosions in a run-down house, along with ren and Cecily whom he met after he was knocked to the floor by a particularly big explosion they go inside to help a distressed dog and investigate. When they walk through the door, they are transported to a virtual reality game in the… Read more »

Gianmarco -- Hockerill

Today, I will be looking at Jennifer Bell’s new book: Wonderscape. This book is an amazing classical adventure book. The book is basically about the main characters (Ren, Arthur, and Cecily) getting stuck in the year 2473 and they have to face many different challenges to get back home.   Arthur is a shy, low-key boy who does not really want to talk to anyone. However, when he comes together with Ren and Cecily, it all changes. The book ‘Wonderscape’ has many different types of characters, from super powerful robots to normal humans to mysterious old heroes.   I thought that this book was amazing, and I would definitely recommend it to other readers. However, I think that people from 8–11-year-old would appreciate this book more as I think that they can connect with the… Read more »

Harriet - Hockerill Anglo-European College

Jennifer Bell’s book Wonderscape is a fantasy story with lots of little adventures as the story goes on. Some other books that Jennifer Bell has written include the series: The Uncommoners, and Agents of the Wild, which was a series accompanied by the writer Alice Lickens.  Arthur is one of the main characters in Wonderscape. He is an ordinary boy, in an ordinary school, in an ordinary town, but one day, that all changes. Arthur is on his way to school one morning and hears a loud explosion coming from a house on his street, Arthur becomes worried and confused, yet suddenly he bumps into his friends Ren… Read more »

Cleyton - Hockerill Anglo-European College

This book called wonderscape is a fantasy, adventure and sci fi themed book. The author is called Jennifer bell. Jennifer bell writes many adventure books.   This Book is about a boy who on his way to school his next door neighbours house explodes after he sees that happening two girls from his school arrive and they all go to explore inside the house. They find a portal to another dimension, once they enter it they start meeting old dead famous people and doing tasks to try and escape.  This book is aimed towards people aged 12+ as it is an exiting adventure story with some twist to it. This book is… Read more »