If you are new to year 2 or year 6, it can be time-consuming searching for information and sifting through websites to find out what you must do, so here are our top tips:

  • Read the Assessment and Reporting Arrangements for KS1 or KS2 and the Teacher Assessment Guidance for KS1 or KS2. These documents set out everything that you need to know about tests and teacher assessment.
  • Use the 2018-19 Teacher Assessment Frameworks and the Pre-Key Stage Frameworks to make judgments at the end of the year. These are still valid for 2019-20.
  • Look at the exemplification materials to understand the standards. You will need the 2018 versions.
  • In writing, there is some flexibility if a pupil has a particular weakness. Details are set out in section 6.1 of the Teacher Assessment Guidance.
  • Writing judgments should be made from pupils’ independent writing. See section 6.2 of the TA Guidance.

If you need further advice and guidance please contact us at Juniper and we will be happy to help.

Happy New Year!

Jane Downes

Jane Downes

Jane Downes is a Teaching and Learning Adviser with a specialism in assessment.