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Can Dotty outwit everyone at the Brussels Academy?

If android Dotty can spend an entire year masquerading as a twelve-year-old schoolgirl she could win a multi-million pound prize for her creators. Being human is a piece of cake, but can she navigate through the trials and tribulations of year 7?

Fabulously funny and thought-provoking book which could lead to some great philosophical debates.

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Sushant L KEGS

This is a great book with many twists to the story. It also has a great sense of humor and can be comical at times.

Megan S. MHS

This book was extremely enjoyable and fun, it one of those books that actually make you giggle. The characters are very lovable and relatable, and the curiosity of Dotty (the ‘undercover robot’) is always keeping you second guessing about what is going to happen next. It has many plot twists and a great storyline. Definitely recommended! One of the questions I have for the authors is: what type of things might Dotty get up to if there were to be a sequel? Thanks.

Paarth, Kegs

This book combines humour with big questions about what it means to be human and what your identity is. The great plot also made me not want to stop reading and needless to say despite being a bit short the ending was great. Maybe the authors should consider a sequel?

Anay, King Edward the Sixth Grammar School

Name of book: Undercover Robot: My First Year As a Human

Name of authors: David Edmonds & Bertie Fraser

Date published: 2020

Genre: 21st Century

Enjoyment factor: *****

I would recommend this book because it is a comical and hilarious book yet it still just lures you in. The only fault with this book is that there is no sequel to continue on Dotty’s story.

This book is most suitable for children aged 8-13 years old.

Edith G MHS

I loved this book it is a story that is perfect for people that like lots of plot twists. My question is can it be a bit more adventurous as it can be a tiny bit plain? However I love Dotty’s curiosity.

Alex, Moulsham High School

I found this book amazing! What a fantastic creation. One of the MANY reasons I loved it was because of the statistics and numbers. All the characters were very relatable. My parents were telling me to go to bed but I kept on reading. They have never seen me so engaged. I would highly recommend it.

What inspired you to write this?

Emma, Moulsham High School

Undercover robot is a funny book about a robot adjusting to human ways. This story leads you through Dotty’s adventurous life, every double maths lesson to every trip to the zoo. I enjoyed hearing about Dotty’s life with the Katnip family. I couldn’t put the book down. I rate it 10/10 and would recommend it.

Lilia, Moulsham High School

Undercover Robot is a fun and adventurous book but it isn’t one I would choose. However, it is quite funny because Dotty is so much more clever than her friends and the other students in her school. This book would be good for people who are into scientific robotic themes, but unfortunately it wasn’t for me.

One question for the author is what inspired you to write this book?

Kirsty, Moulsham High School

I have really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend to anyone. Dotty is very relatable and is funny. This is a very interesting book and I would love a sequel to the undercover robot.

I want to know what was your inspiration and how long did it take you to write the book?

Shammah Haberdashers Aske School For Girls

Undercover Robot is one of the best books I have read so far. The character of Dotty (the undercover robot) is so funny and intriguing. I love how the author has made really creative character names like Mr Second and Martin Strange. The story is written from the eyes of Dotty so it really makes the reader feel more engaged in the story. To sum it up Undercover Robot is a phenomenal book to read (I would recommend it )

Sofia, Moulsham High School

I loved this book! At first I was annoyed at Dottie’s high-tech robot language but despite this I became engaged and thrilled at both the plot and Dottie’s progress throughout. It was incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot. I would want to ask the author what inspired the plot and when will another Dotty book come out?

Ms Adams, Moulsham High School

There was lots to like in this book; Dotty, even though she was made of metal, was a funny and engaging character and the book encourages you to think what is it that defines us as humans? As a reader tho, I did find the pace quite slow and I wondered at times where the story was actually heading. I enjoyed the humour and this book definitely sparks conversations!

Sophie, Great Easton Primary School

For starters, this book is epic. It helps the reader understand life a a human and that it is not as basic as we think it is. Dotty is a fun and curious character that everyone loves.

Emma MHS

i loved this book loads. the characters are so relatable, its almost as if dotty was at my school. i loved following her epic adventures and seeing the confusing side of human life. it made me laugh to see how dotty questioned the simple day to day things that we do! highly recommend!

Emily St. at Moulsham

Dotty is a robot designed to look and seem like an ordinary 11-year-old girl starting high school. She has to complete a test that lasts a year. This test is to survive one whole school year as a robot pretending to be a human without getting found out. However, a smart boy in her class has found out about this robot competition. There is a prize if you report a robot. A prize of $10,000 $10,000! The boy ,who is called Martian Strange, is ready to report anyone who he thinks is a robot. He keeps reporting the wrong people… Read more »

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Luke, Great Easton Primary School

It’s interesting to see how an outsider would view our planet. Some of the mistakes Dotty makes are really funny. It’s definitely more about philosophy than science. Sometimes the philosophy takes over a bit too much and gets in the way of the story. I would recommend it to friends, but it wouldn’t be top on my list.

Frank, Harris Academy Ockendon

Undercover Robot: My First Year As A Human [first published in 2020] by David Edmonds and Bertie Fraser is a philosophy inspired children’s book. This book takes a deep delve in what it means to be a human.  If super-tech android Dotty and her creators Professor Katnip and Co want to win $100 million to fund their ever-growing development of A.I., she must stay undetected for one whole school year. At first, it seems like a piece of cake but there’s one problem: Martin Strange the annoying but smart kid is highly suspicious of Dotty and is after the $10,000… Read more »

Nipun I. KEGS

Dotty, an undercover robot, is on a mission to be the one unrecognised robot of the five in the world. She has her tech team (who have invented her) and they are constantly adding and replacing her features to make her look and act more human. She is on a task to survive her first year at a school and face human interactions for the first time. A wonderful read! The authors have given a great perspective of Dotty the bot and I have really achieved the sense of emotions, regarding humanity, from a robot! The numerous problems and unexpected… Read more »

Kylesh A, KEGS

This book was hilarious! It is about a young “girl” called Dotty who has to stay undercover and navigate her way through the challenges of Year 7. I enjoyed it because it was fun hearing about the life of a robot and there are many unexpected twists in the story. I also love how slightly naïve, yet extremely curious Dotty is. I would rate it 10/10 and recommend it to anyone.

Aliza Clayton Hall Academy

This book was on of the best i have ever read.It was funny and comical but it also showed lots of emotion in it. The characters were funny and relatable in different ways and i loved it overall. If you like to have a little giggle while reading then this book is definitely perfect for you. It made me wonder what was going to happen next and i really got into it! I love Dotty’s character and how she develops and learns about her feelings and real life and i think this book is amazing! I have probably read it… Read more »

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Clayton hall academy

I loved this book! It had me laughing on almost every page. I loved how the story was told in the point of view from the robot. I didn’t expect what happened at the end but I am glad that the story ended that way. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would recommend this to anyone from year 4 to year eight.

Daniella, Year 7 - Harris Academy Ockendon

Undercover robot: my first year as a Human. There was so much sweat, heart soul in this extraordinary novel: it poured of the page, dripped in fact, and inserted in my brain. The firmness of the book could crack my bones, it was deadly serious. It cut straight to what the authors wanted to get across and with astonishing results. To be truthful, when I first got this book, I pictured it was a waste of my time. However, like the expression, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ I did just that, expecting the worst of the worst mistakes (but)… Read more »

Savannah - Harris Academy Ockendon

Undercover robot: my first year as a Human. I had two favourite characters: Ricky and Dotty. Ricky was one of my favourite characters because he was a true, loyal friend to Dotty and is understand when he finds out that Dotty is a robot. Dotty is also my favourite because she is smart and very caring. She is a really quick learner and learns about humans fast. Dotty always tries to make everyone happy and makes sure they are safe. This book is about a girl (Dotty) who is a robot, she has to go undercover as an ordinary eleven-year-old girl.… Read more »

Hayden - Harris Academy Ockendon

Undercover Robot: MY FIRST YEAR AS A HUMAN BY DAVID EDMONDS AND BERTIE FRASER Undercover Robert is about a robot (named ‘Dotty’) is set out on adventure to survive a school year without being found out. This means she has to pass as a regular human. This may sound hard enough on its own, but she also has to converse with others and make friends to collect ‘friendship points’ (her developers made it so that she could not add an unfair amount of friendship points). The point of this is that her main developer, who is referred to as Professor… Read more »

Vihaan G KEGS

Undercover Robot is a noteworthy book about a robot girl named Dotty who must learn the ways of humans. As part of learning the human behaviours, she outsmarted her developers, found out the need of survival and unexpectedly crossed the expectations of her makers. This book was a really fun read, and I couldn’t put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves science-fiction and would rate it 9.5/10.  


it was a very enjoyable book to read. it also had a lot of plot twists and I couldn’t put it down. very suitable for children and also it quite hilarious and comical, I would definitely recommend it! a sequel should be considered though.

Alexa L. CCHS

This book supports diversity and and the same time is hilarious, this book is amazing and I love the idea of a undercover robot outsmarting those who think they can’t be outsmarted. I would recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humour and imagination!

Mr Copper, CCHS

Love this book, had me on tenterhooks especially nearer the end! I found Dotty relatable to perhaps a younger, more naive me, which made reading it 100% more enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone really as despite being into romantic horror at the moment, the comedic relief from this book was a lovely start to my week! Thank you and big love to Bertie Fraser and David Edmonds!!

Rohan Kegs

Oh what a great book this is.I love Dotty’s sense of humour – which can be a bit rude somtimes:)- and I love stories about competetions,so I loved reading that Dotty won the £100 million prize.My favourite part was when Dotty(or should I say .E?) rebelled against the toilet rule.

I also think Mr Second is a robot.

hayden hylands school

I liked the book because there were some very tense bits. I especially liked where Dotty(the robot) fought for robot rights even though there were temptation of money 

Grace, St Cedd's School

I enjoyed this book and especially the character of Dotty. So manipulative! Her bravery definitely showed in certain parts of the book and I liked how Dotty was able to fight for her identity. This books has inspired me to never give up.