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We don’t know when, but at some point children and young people will return to school and many will face transition to new schools. Even those who remain in the same setting will move to new classes. You may have children joining your school in September or leaving you in July.

Things to think about…

  • What is transition going to look like for children new to your school?
  • What is transition going to look like for children leaving your school?
  • What is transition going to look like for children moving year groups?

We recommend…

  • Creating a virtual transition for your new intake – an alternative prospectus. Maybe their teachers could be recorded reading a story or, if you have pupils and staff in school, they could film a tour of the classrooms, shared spaces and grounds.
  • Suggesting a similar approach to the schools you feed into or feed into you. They are likely to have pupils or students in school who could create a virtual tour and alternative prospectus as a project (just think of the cross-curricular potential). Form tutors could introduce themselves too.
  • Considering keeping children in this year’s classes for a few weeks before they move to another teacher (if we return in September, or even if we return before). This will allow pupils to settle back into school routines in a familiar classroom. It will also give the teachers and support staff experienced in that age group chance to fill in some of pupils’ gaps in learning.
Kathryn Day

Kathryn Day

After leaving behind careers in the wine trade and archaeology, Kathryn Day has worked in various education roles across both primary and secondary for nearly 20 years. She’s been a secondary ICT teacher and subject leader, a local authority computing adviser, a local authority school improvement adviser and a primary school deputy headteacher. Kathryn is Director of Training and Development at Juniper Education.