Stories can bring us hope during difficult times

Inspired by the true story of the Oxford soup peddler, this is an uplifting tale dealing with homelessness, cancer and the idea that one small act of kindness can result in a huge change.

An emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end which will hopefully result in a pandemic of kindness!

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King Edward VI Grammar School

The Soup Movement is an impeccable book. It was so hard to put the book down. I loved every page of it and at the end of the book I cried. It is the best book I have read so far.

Dena Stock Habs Girls

This book is the best book that I have read so far. It was so moving and I couldn’t stop crying. I loved it so much that I couldn’t put it down- my little sister had to drag me away from it so I could have something to eat! I thought that it was funny and moving at the same time and it tackles a very important issue, so I now know more about this subject. It shows that you shouldn’t be predudiced and people automatically assume things when they see homeless people. It was so perfect when everything came… Read more »