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Join Harrison on a train journey full of deceptions, puzzles and clues to solve.

What starts off as a boring train journey soon changes for Harrison when a valuable jewel is stolen. It’s up to him and his friend, Lenny, to follow a trail of clues and red herrings to catch the culprit before they reach the end of the line.

Climb on board this express ride with fast paced action and colourful characters.

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Kylesh A, KEGS

This is an extraordinary book filled with mystery, suspense and wonder. It is impossible to put down and will take you on an adventure through your mind aboard the Highland Falcon.

Vihaan G, KEGS

This book is about a boy named Harrison (Hal) Beck who is going on the train, The Highland Falcon, with his uncle Nat, a travel writer. The Highland Falcon is on its last 4-day journey with many wealthy individuals and of course, a thief!

Despite the thefts, or Hal finding a stowaway, or the palpable tension to identify the thief; the renowned train carries on its last journey.  The suspense continues to twist and turn like an ever-winding railway track. The author ensures that the reader is intrigued by the elements of surprise and mystery throughout.

I rate this book 8/10 and would recommend it to anybody who is above 8 years of age and enjoys edge-of-the-seat suspense stories. 

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Sam, Moulsham High School

The Highland Falcon Thief was extremely enjoyable. I felt it made the reader feel a certain way to each character extremely well. The book also had a plot twist that I definitely did not see coming! I really enjoyed this book.
If I was to ask one question to the authors, it would be how did you come up with such a great storyline?!
I highly recommend because it taught me about trains, got me invested in the book and had an amazing amount of suspense.

Katie, Moulsham High School

The Highland Falcon Thief was an amazing book and was always making me think …who is the Highland Falcon Thief? At the start, I didn’t think I would like it (never judge a book by it’s cover!) but I was definitely, definitely wrong!

My one question is what inspired you to write The Highland Thief?

Isla, Moulsham High School

This book is brilliant, very imaginative and fun. I couldn’t stop reading! The storyline is fantastic and I have learnt that trains can be like home for some people. The Highland Falcon Thief made me laugh out loud, gasp and smile. The book does not disappoint by anyone’s standards and I would highly recommend it.

My question for the authors is: Do you like trains?

William Kegs

I really enjoyed this detective book as it kept me in constant suspense wondering about who would be the thief. While it won’t make my top 5 books (skulduggery pleasant: seasons of war, Bartimaeus ring of Solomon, septimus heap 7, the everything store and shoe dog) it was definitely a great read.

Ms Adams, Moulsham High School

I decided to read ‘The Highland Falcon Thief’ at bedtimes with my nearly 8 year old son. We both enjoyed the journey with Hal and neither of us guessed who the thief was until the big reveal! I loved the ‘Murder on the Orient Express/Agatha Christie Poirot’ vibe especially when all the characters were brought together at the end for the thief to be revealed. There were some ‘hold our breath’ moments, some funny moments and we were swept up with Hal and Lenny in the intrigue of this fast-paced mystery. The wonderful illustrations brought the characters to life and… Read more »

Megan S MHS

What an amazing book! I have always loved mystery and action books, and this unmissable story is packed, full to the brim with suspense, action and mystery.

I want this book to go on for ever and ever because it never get boring. It’s a heartwarming tale of friendship and family, it makes you happy inside when you read it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My question to the authors is: what do you think inspired you the most to write this particular book?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! WHAT A PLOT TWIST!!!! I would recommend to all aged readers, I would especially recommend to lovers of the action and mystery genre. What I also love about this book is that you don’t have to love trains to enjoy it. By reading this book it really got me thinking and second guessing about what was going to happen. My question to the author, is what inspired you to make and give the characters the qualities they have?

Kylesh A, KEGS

This book is about a boy called Hal, who is going on an adventure aboard the Highland Falcon, which is on its final journey, with a thief on board!

Many sudden thefts occur throughout the train, and it is up to Hal to find the culprit, then he soon discovers there is a stowaway on board. This book is impossible to put down and is filled with suspense and mystery. I would rate it 9/10 and recommend it to anyone above the age of 10 years.

Sophie, Great Easton Primary School

I think this is a detective story like no other which has an incredibly clever plot. In this novel, anyone and everyone is a suspect. It contains unexpected twists and turns, but at the same time creates a small passion in its reader for steam trains. I love this book!

Nipun I. KEGS

Harrison Beck and his uncle, Nat board a royal train- the Highland Falcon. However, not much time later, many strange things are happening on the train, mostly involving stolen items!

A great read. Whenever on of these events happen, I always question myself, and try to guess who it is. You cannot stop reading, until you find out the thief!

Sofia, Moulsham high school

The highland falcon thief was a really good read. Ireally enjoyed all the plot twists and the characters were brilliant to follow. The sense of mystery was thrilling and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

Daniella, Year 7 - Harris Academy Ockendon

Highland Falcon Thief While I was reading the book (The highland Falcon Thief) I was lured in by mystery and suspense, making me carry on with the book. I didn’t stop once since the suspense increased with each chapter, the authors were very precise with their choice of words, making it clear what the text was about. Additionally, the authors made up us believe one thing, then another, which made up mind wonder who is really, who. However, they left various clues for us to decipher but they were very smart to conceal the hints in daily things. They combined… Read more »

Savannah - Harris Academy Ockendon

Highland Falcon Thief This story is about a young boy (eleven years old) and he is staying with his uncle and together they ride the Highland Falcon for the last ever time. Hal (the boy) finds a stowaway called Lennie. Hal had read about a jewel thief from the newspaper. Two posh people were victims of thief of their jewellery on the train and Hal wanted to investigate. The prince and the princess come on board the train and the princesses’ necklace was stolen and replaced with a fake. My favourite character was Hal (Harrison Beck) as he knew he… Read more »

Katie clayton hall academy

The highland falcon thief is a really good book for all ages when i read it i really enjoyed it I could not put it down i was up at night reading it the characters are well portrayed I loved it

Edith Moulsham high school

I am a huge fan of mystery books and I loved guessing who it was though I was very surprised at who it was definitely recommend for all young Sherlock Homes.

Lilia Moulsham High School

This book was a book full of action and suspense! I enjoyed this book because it was a mystery! I didn’t really think I would like ‘the highland falcon thief’ but I actually liked it! It was a good book to read!

One question I would ask the author is “what inspired you to write this book?”

This book was great!!

Benedict, kegs

I love this book, it is enigmatic and truly captivating and it feels like I really am on The Highland Falcon

Shriya Hockerill

An addictive and witty book all about the extraordinary adventures of Hal and his uncle. Sam Sedgman and M.G. Leonard take mystery to a whole new level in this captivating and exciting read. Unlike other mystery books, the authors have put together a modern mystery based around an old train. It shows how locomotives can change the view of a child, whilst adding a whole mystery in the mix. M.G Leonard is a best-selling author who has written many children’s books and other mysteries, such as her trilogy The Beetles and her single Murder on the Safari Star. Sam Sedgman… Read more »

Calan Hockerill

Book review   The highland Falcon thief  By Mg. Leonard and Sam segman  I believe this a great book and could not be much better – it is an awesome detective book with many exiting plot twists and openings. Its thrilling nature is able to capture readers and they won’t be able to take their eyes of the book. It is suitable for ages 8-14.  The highland falcon thief is a book that shows us that anyone can be a detective character and solve a mystery if they put their minds to it. I love the way it paints a clear picture in your mind about what is happening in the story, and it also allows you chances… Read more »

Henry (R)

The highland falcon book review    What is the highland falcon about?  The highland falcon is about adventure and mysteries on a journey riding a train that’s full of puzzling stuff with our characters on our journey.  What I liked about the book  In my opinion I really enjoyed this story and there was a lot of things I liked that I would like to share. I enjoyed the plot of this story it was very interesting; I like the main characters (Protagonists) I liked the puzzles. I loved the setting of this story on a train, never would I have expected that. My favourite character is Harrison because I relate to him in some way or another.  What I disliked about the book  I didn’t really dislike anything, but I would have suggested having a… Read more »

robin hockerill

The highland falcon thief is a book written by M.G. Leanard and sam Sedgman these authors write a lot more train novels. The highland falcon thief was published on the 28th July 2020. This book takes place in a never ending spiral red train. The story is about a young boy forced onto a train with is travel writing uncle. The book is full of adventure as soon as it opens up and only you can close it. All the illustrations I thought brought life to the characters and showed their personality through the facial expressions. A different mystery poking… Read more »

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Joseph Hockerill R

So far, I have read the hole book and I really enjoyed my time while reading. It gets you really engaged and makes you want to read more. I think it’s a good book because it has a good story-line and it’s not confusing so it’s easy to read and understand what’s going on.  My favourite part in the book is where Hal goes into the luggage cage to go save Lenny which shows he is a loving person and will do anything to save a friend in trouble. It’s also intriguing when Hal opens the case and immediately knows who the thieves were, this got me really engaged and I just… Read more »

Richard Hockerill Anglo European College

Book Review The Highland Falcon Thief By M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman Harrison Beck is reluctantly joining his Uncle Nat for the last journey of the royal train, The Highland Falcon. However, as the train slowly across the United Kingdom, a priceless brooch goes missing, and things are suddenly a lot more interesting and thrilling. As passengers becomes more and more suspicious, Harrison begins to investigate and find out a few surprises along the way. Can he solve the mystery of the jewel thief and catch the culprit before they reach the end of the line? The story contains many… Read more »

Orlando hockerill anglo europian collage

A mystery on a train with royalty thrown in. WOW! WOW! WOW! All Aboard. The Highway Falcon Thief is an adventure detective book part of a series Adventures On Trains. The book was written by M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman. The book was published on the 30th of January 2020. The Highway Falcon is a group of compartments pulled by the fastest steam train ever: the A4 Pacific. Although this train is fictional, it is based on a real working train. The highway falcon is a royal train and is colored in royal colors – including a crimson red body… Read more »

Clem- Hockerill Anglo European College

Fast paced intrigue for adventure thirsty kids! The Highland Falcon Thief is part of a series of books called ‘Adventures on Trains’. It is written by MG Leonard and Sam Sedgman, and it is packed full of amazing illustrations by Elisa Paganelli. It was published by Macmillan Children’s Books on 13th January 2020. The Highland Falcon Thief is a thrilling story filled with mysteries and clues. In the novel, 11 year old Harrison Beck (Hal) reluctantly goes on a train journey with his Uncle Nat while his mum is about to give birth Hal’s new sibling. Hal finds himself to be relishing the… Read more »

Lily Hockerill (R)

The Highland Falcon Thief   The Highland Falcon Thief is a book about a load of people, and they do not realise that there is a thief and Hal try to find the thief was with Lenny and it was surprising because I thought that the thief was either Milo or Stephen Pickle because they looked very suspicious mainly Milo did because he had a letter in his pocket and it was from Lucy, I think I cannot really remember. I think that it was Stephen Pickle because he looked very suspicious because he would not let Uncle Nat in… Read more »

Alexa Hockerill

The Highland Falcon Thief written by M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman (two brilliant authors that wrote the series of Adventures on Trains) is a gripping book with a series of thrills and puzzles. It is a tale of mystery, friendship, and loyalty as well as excitement, bewilder and clues to be solved. The book is about a young boy called Harrison Beck who reluctantly joins his Uncle Nat on The Highland Falcon for its final journey. What Harrison expects to be a monotonous, tiresome journey is much more and there are many adventures yet to come. He is surrounded by boring… Read more »

Lilia, Hockerill Anglo European College

The Highland Falcon thief This is a remarkable novel is filled with so many different emotions and details about the characters it almost felt like you knew them. Written by M. G. Leonard & Sam Sedgman, they worked together and created a fabulous book. The adventure of finding the thief investigating and considering everyone whilst still trying to hide Hal’s new companion. The book cover is very appealing to the eye, a bright right train with a dark blue background, both colours complement each other. The sketched pictures are so detailed that you can imagine exactly what it would be… Read more »

Issy Hockerill

I found this novel very interesting but fun to read. The first time it caught my attention was when we get to understand the personality of Hal, which was at the beginning. As soon as you read this line ‘doodling in the margin’ of his fathers’ newspaper you can get he is a very creative and thoughtful young boy, but also knows his surroundings, as when his dad got worried, he knew straight away. The perfect person and personality for this amazing novel. I think the illustrations enable the readers to understand the novel a lot more. The reason for… Read more »

Thomas W Hockerill School

This interesting, exciting and gripping book was a must-read from the first page! I was intrigued by the authors’ way of creating tension and suspense so easily. There was a gripping mystery that could happen in real life that made the story much more exciting and – as an added bonus – on a train! I think that the use of adjectives through speech, metaphors and similes made the read more interesting. There were surprises on every page, from meeting a new character to having a new lead on the case.

Kem Hockerill Anglo-European College

I personally really enjoyed this book. I think that the plot was very old-fashioned, but it had a modern twist to it, and this is very effective in any story. I also like the way that the story is structured as well. A structure like this is quite versatile in a way as well. This story can be compared to the story about the Orient Express but for children. The overall plot of a train heist but having the main characters as two children is very original and not many authors would think of this. I think that the novel… Read more »

Grace Hockerill (R)

This book is the first in the series. I love this book; it is the most magical, wonderful book I have read and has an amazing plot and story line! The book really pulls you in and you want to read more as it gets more exciting as you read on. I have never felt so strongly about a book. I love the characters in this story; they fit very well with the story itself. I do not really have a favourite character as they are all so good and they all have a special personality.  The book is about a boy who is going onto a train with his uncle, but there is… Read more »

Ariana Hockerill

 The Highland Falcon Thief is a book about this boy named Hal that has to go on a train trip with his uncle as his parents are busy but on train trip a precious jewel goes missing and Hal finds him self in the middle of the investigation and tries to prove otherwise and get himself out of trouble….  I really enjoyed the story because I find it hard to find a book I really like, but I have got to say it is an amazing book. It caught my attention from the very beginning as it describes him as doodling in the margin of his father’s newspaper and he notices that his father is worried. We can interpret from this that he is a very thoughtful and perceptive boy – the perfect boy… Read more »

henry stananought

The Highland Falcon Thief is a compelling read where Hank and his Uncle Nat find themselves in the middle of a crime. As the Highland Falcon nears the end of the line Hal finds himself under more pressure to find the thief and to clear his name, as he is suspected because he is the only child onboard, apart from a mysterious stowaway who only Hal knows about. This is an amazing train ride full of mystery and surprises. I would definitely recommend this to anyone over the age of eight.

Mithan K

What a wonderful book. Made me want to keep on reading and because of this book I have bought the second and third book for this series and now waiting for the fourth book. Without this book I wouldn’t have ever known this book and it’s series. I truly recommend this to 6 years and over. What a wonderful read.

Rohan Kegs Chelmsford:)

It was okay but I felt like the theme had been used too many times before

daniel hylands school

I loved this book because it was full of
mysteries and my favourite parts was
when they put suspicion on people

Tanya, Chelmsford County High School for Girls

This book is about about a boy called Hal. He is riding the Highland Falcon with his uncle and is not excited to go on the trip. Not long after starting on their journey, a very valuable jewel has been stolen. He and his new friend Lenny follow a trail of clues that are full of red herrings to try find the real theif.

This book is full of suspense and mystery. It is impossible to put down and is a great read for young readers.