Simon Lelic

Crime story full of suspense and action

You don’t know it exists, but when you have nowhere else to turn, the Haven will find you …

Alone.  On the Run.  Ollie Turner has nowhere to hide.

Below the streets of London he gets a second chance when he discovers the Haven, a secret organisation run by children.



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Apryl Hammett

The Haven – Review by Jesse New Hall School The Haven was a fabulous book to read. Every page was so mind blowing, I couldn’t put it down. It has a very vicious evil lady and the protagonists have to stop her. Each character has their own personalities, and this meant The Haven has a great storyline with a suspenseful story. The main story is about Ollie Turner. He gets kidnapped along with his friend Nancy (who is a policewoman) They are taken to a warehouse, where they are helped to escape by a boy called Dodge. They are taken… Read more »


I found THE HAVEN a really good book with a really good and unexpected twist. It is an amazing piece of writing and I highly recommend it.

Shashank - KEGS

The Haven is an interesting book in way it interprets action. In this book, each character is unique in their own way. I would say that it is a suspense/action book. the story revolves around Ollie Turner and his friend Nancy. The haven is a secret organisation that challenge these children, and on the way to take this organisation down, they recruit dodge. It can be seen as unrealistic but is a good read altogether. I would recommend it to years 5 – 9.


The Haven-The Haven was a very interesting and intriguing book. I do not want to give any spoilers, so instead I will give you some information about this action and crime book. Ollie Turner, the orphan, raised by a policewoman friend called Nancy is a very strong boy. He has a lot of leadership skills, but he is in a dilemma. He joins a crew, more of a school of other orphaned children. Can this be enough to destroy Maddy Sike’s company? Have a good time reading this book. I would definitely recommend it, so go ahead to your nearest… Read more »

Lynne Wheater

St Cedd’s School
I like how it starts with a kidnapping and as the Haven is discovered, one of their friends is in mortal danger. I like that Oliver feels responsible like it was his fault and how Dodge managed to look innocent in the warehouse. A secret, a traitor, one hero to save the day, my favourite things. In conclusion, for anybody who craves adventure, this is a MUST read book.

Will Radwinter

I think this book is very adventurous and fast moving it is a bit sad because some of the characters get shot and die like Nancy and dodge it is a gripping story.My favourite character is Ollie Turner because he is very brave and will do anything to save his friends like when he asked Danny hunter one of the bad guys to give them one roll on the dice to find Danny hunters son Harvey hunter. My favourite part in the book was when dodge and Ollie Turner were escaping from Maddy in her big building/workshop and to the… Read more »

Damani radwinter

I think this book Is very interesting and cool 😎 . It is very interesting how Ollie became part of the haven . I kind of feel sorry for him because he lost his parents and Nancy just because of Maddy,s unending hatred for people . But funny 😂 how she absolutely loved her dog bullseye 🐕.

Its so sad how doge has to die 😢at the end but as aunt Fay said you can’t get revenge without a cost. All I am happy about is that Maddy dies and Ollie stops her from destroying the city🤣.
I’ve read the prologue for haven revolution and it it sounds good 👌 already .I will be looking forward to any of simon,s books .

Ashley Radwinter

I think this book is a gripping story and fast moving because of all the action and creativeness that has gone into this book 📚.It is a great book to read with friends and family and on your own.

I liked the part about Ollie Turner when he stops 🛑 Maddy Sikes destroying the city 🌃. But it was a bit sad because Dodge dies at the end of the book.
It was one of the best books I’ve ever read! My FAVOURITE character is Ollie because he had normal life at the start of the book (but Maddy Sikes had to ruin his life by setting a terrorist attack which killed his parents then he had to stay with a guardian) and he just gets into the Haven.

Matthew W. KEGS

I am not entirely sure what this book set out to achieve, but it appears to be attempting to be a crowd pleaser with a little bit of everything. It is not easy to miss the blatant references to Charles Dicken’s famous work, but I am not entirely sure what the author set to achieve with it – maybe a prompt for his imagination. This poorly written novel could be a piece of fan fiction based off of a cross between Alex Rider and Oliver Twist, with badly written incoherent action, merge with relatively uniform characters and poor emotion. The… Read more »

Maggie Helean Romanes

The haven is such a good book. The story is about a young boy who gets kidnapped. But he gets rescued by a group called haven. He then helps the haven to stop his kidnapper from destroying London. At first I couldn’t really get into the book but as I continued I didn’t want to stop. I loved how the book was set in the modern world with modern issues. Such as: homelessness, terrorism and kidnapping. This book is so powerful and teaches us that there are so many issues all over our country, that we don’t really take notice… Read more »


So far i have loved this book and would love for them to publish something else like it!

George Great baddow high school

The Haven is a really good book with a bit of a twist, exciting adventures and tales that want you to read more because of the way the words are styled and the story plot. I think this book is a bit sad for the time

when Dodge got shot twice and Lily was very emotional and distraught
it was also adventurous for when you never knew if they were going to defuse the bomb or not and you did not know if Ollie was going to dive the detonator.

Sophie: Great Baddow High School

I loved this book, I couldn’t put it down. This story kept on getting better and better by the pages I turned and it left me on a cliffhanger by every chapter. The book is mainly about Ollie Turner and how he overcomes challenges and obstacles, I would strongly recommend this book for other students to read. The characters and the cliffhangers made me want to read on. The book did end in a very good way and it made me think to expect the unexpected! I would definitely read other books by this author. I think the age group… Read more »


The haven is a great book for children over the age of 10. I definitely recommend this book. It is about a boy who’s parents got killed in a terrorist attack. he was being looked after by a police officer called Nancy. One night Nancy and Ollie got capture and were taken to Maddy Sike’s head quarters. Ollie managed to escape but as he was running he heard a gun shot which signified Nancys death. Ollie ended up in the sewers and encountered some people who covered his eyes and walked him to a hidden location. they asked him question… Read more »

GBHS Albert

The reason i enjoyed this book so much was because of how action packed it was!

My favourite part was when Ollie is captured at the start but i don’t like how Nancy died.
When they show us the Haven i am amazed how kids can keep in such a good order. My favourite character is Dodge because of how cunning he is and how adventurous he is.I would love them to make sequal to this book.


It was a good book for a while but after a while it got a bit boring with the story as it was just talking and not much action so I didn’t finish it.

Peter Great Baddow High School

The haven is action-packed and the sudden plot-twist made it so much more interesting. I definitely recommend this book and I assure you that it is worth reading.


The haven is an action pack book full of wonders on every page. It is amazingly worded an and a great book to pass the time. I would suggest it to older people as it is full of action but nearly everyone will love this book, and the adventures that spread on every page.

Armaan.M KEGS

The Haven By Simon Lelic As I have been reading this it has made me understand the amount of poverty in the world. Ollie Turner is a young boy who has lost his aunty, Nancy. She had been captured by an evil woman called Maddy Sikes and had been shot in the head. Ollie escaped with a secret organization called the Haven. This place was run by children, some who are older than Ollie and some that may be younger. Although the place where he is now is like a Haven, he wishes to be on his way and tell… Read more »


This book was highly entertaining and was practically impossible to put down. The ending was not predictable but in fact had an unexpected twist. I was fascinated by the fact that it was filled with action and yet it was perfectly child-friendly. The best thing about this book was that it taught the young society that poverty is real and how people have to survive when drowning in poverty.

Dion.F - KEGS

The Haven is a very intriguing book suitable for older children just like the characters in the book. It shows that children are not powerless and can do a lot of things without any adults. The book is about a child association called The Haven with an ‘H’ as their symbol. Ollie Turner gets kidnapped by Maddie Sikes an evil lady who wants to rule England by causing havoc. It is up to Dodge, the leader of The Haven and his gang to stop this crazy woman from destroying England…

Lynne Wheater

Review by DAVID, St Cedd’s School
The Haven is a great book that I would recommend to anyone that likes Artemis Fowel or anything like it if you like mysteries read this book!

sophie montgomery junior school

The Haven is very possibly the best book in existence. I loved the suspense the author created when it was reviled that Dodge was the bad guy all along ( spoiler alert!) and when the Haven was on fire. It is possible I could get addicted… the only thing I didn’t like was where at the end you don’t know Ollie’s answer…


The Haven was a great book to read. I found the storyline very hooking which made it almost impossible to stop reading it. The idea behind the vicious, evil Maddy Sikes was excellent yet quite unbelievable. It was good that all the other main characters have their own backstory’s and personalities as it adds a sense of uniqueness to each character and makes you connect a bit better with them. Although the book was great I felt like there was parts that could have been better such as maybe a more realistic plot and characters as well as more description… Read more »

Lily W The Sweyne Park School

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was fast-paced and full of action, adventure and friendship, forcing me to keep reading. I think that the characters were believable, and well thought out. It was and exciting read, and the tornado of events transported me to London. The plot twist was so unexpected; I can’t wait to read the sequel. Definitely recommend it!

George Great Baddow high school

The Haven is an exciting book with a bit of a twist, and I was never able to stop reading it. There was a various amount of characters with each of them all having different personalities and characteristics. The plot was about a rich lady who wanted to cause the biggest terrorist attack of all time and gain millions. This would happen with hundreds of bombs all over the city. The main character is Ollie turner who got kidnapped at the start with his friend Nancy (a policewoman). Nancy is murdered but Ollie manages to escape with a little help… Read more »

Junior- Great Baddow High School

The Haven Review The Haven is a brilliant book! I never wanted to stop reading and put it down, it was interesting and a thrilling book! There were a lot of twists in the book and after every chapter made you think what would happen next? It left me excited. I liked about the characters that they all had their own personalities. The plot twist was about a lady who wanted to cause the biggest terrorist attack of all time! The lady would do it by dropping millions of bombs in the city. Although the book is very engaging and… Read more »

jack GBHS

The Haven starts of with Nancy (a police officer) being captured along with her son Ollie. They get taken to a secret location where they are tied to chairs. Ollie has the opportunity to run but he doesn’t want to leave Nancy. She tells him to run and said she would be ok. As he is running, he hears a gunshot Which signifies Nancy’s death. He goes into hiding but when he hears the door unlocking, he gets scared. When the door opened, he realised it was a boy a bit older than him. The boy offers his hand to… Read more »

Albert gbhs

The Haven Book Review The Haven was clueless about saving Erik from the Razors who thought Dodge had taken his son, so in return they took Erik and they had 24 hours to find his son or he would kill Erik. Dodge, in that situation, almost seemed heart-broken and showed it like they were going to lose Erik, but he still fought-and in the end-they get Erik back from the Razors and Harvey is returned to his territory. The person who took Harvey is called Maddy Sikes or the bad guy. She took important people from all the gangs over… Read more »

Hollie, Great Baddow High School

I would highly recommend this book because it was a great read and really interesting to keep finding out what was happening in the story. The story began with Ollie Turner being kidnapped in the night while his babysitter was round. She was called Nancy and was part of the police force and during the events of the night both Ollie and Nancy were taken hostage in a warehouse. Luckily Ollie managed to escape with the help of a complete stranger called Dodge but Nancy was shot before she could get away too. Dodge was part of a secret organisation… Read more »

Ruhayla GBHS

The Haven is about a boy who gets kidnapped along with his carer Nancy Bedwin. He escapes but Nancy doesn’t. His name is Ollie Turner and he meets Dodge who takes him to The Haven. There he meets Flea, Lily, Sol, Jack, Erik and Song. After he discovers what Maddy Sikes was up to, Ollie has no choice but to join the war that Maddy has started. I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the second. I liked how the team was thrown into different challenges along the way and how we got to learn about… Read more »

Tom Great Baddow High school

The Haven is an exciting book with lots of twists and turns. The plot is when Maddy Sikes kidnapped all the important people in gangs causing a gang war which is used to distract the police and ambulances from finding the bombs with gas in them but luckily the Haven are here to save London and stop the gang war. My favourite character in the book is Sol because nice to everyone and is always thinking about his stomach. Dodge is the natural born leader of the group who is always equipped with plan for situation. Jack is the brains… Read more »

Joe Great Baddow high school

The haven is a thrilling novel. It has an amazing plot line and naturally crafted emotional connections with the characters to the point you feel like they are right next to you. The novel gives a place to escape to, filled with suspense, adventure and pure ‘on the edge of your seat’ content. Ollie Turner has nowhere to run. But as soon as the haven help him out, things get worse. When their friend Erik gets held to ransom, they have no choice but to stop Maddie Sykes from her worst plot yet. Will they do it or will the… Read more »

Apryl Hammett

The Haven The Haven was definitely my favorite book out of them all so far. I think this is because the author (Simon Lelic) makes sure to use short sentences to keep the reader interested. He also makes sure to leave the end of the chapters on cliffhangers to make like you feel like you HAVE to read on. This book made me feel like I was standing there watching, waiting anticipated while the story unfolded right before my very eyes. I could feel all the emotions the characters did. All of a sudden, I could feel brave, strong, sad… Read more »

Apryl Hammett

The Haven: Book Review The Haven, the book I just read, was a blast. The book was about a boy called Ollie Turner that goes on a remarkable adventure with this secret agency called “The Haven”. The Haven is a place where they help homeless children have a good education and feel at home from where they used to live in the streets of London. Its not easy to do this because Maddy Sikes, a evil master mind, tries to interfere with their plans and tries to take over the city. Ollie and his new friends try go on a… Read more »

Apryl Hammett

The Haven In this book a boy [ollie turner ] gets taken in the night . He then finds a secret agency for helping lost children but Maddy Sikes wants to take over. This book is a adventure book. The main character in this book is very brave . However the villain in this book is believe ruthless and violent. I think this is well written as it exciting and drawing you in at some parts it can also make you feel glad and sad. The plot was intriguing and unexpected but the cover was misleading and I didn’t want… Read more »

Lois, Great Baddow High School

The haven is about a boy, who’s carer (called Nancy) is killed, that gets kidnapped by Maddy Sike’s crew, a group of people out to destroy the city, in a warehouse. He is then saved by another boy called Dodge who takes him to the haven where kids are in charge and there are no adults. At the haven the kids are trying to save other kids who have been kidnapped but they come across a few issues along the way. Soon enough, lots of peoples lives are at risk. My favourite character is Ollie because he is very brave… Read more »

Mae The Sweyne Park School

I love books that are full of mystery, adventure and battles- the Haven is full of this. The thing that I like most about his book is that the children are brave enough to join a battle against adults. In this book time is running out and lives are at stake- the book is filled with suspense. My favourite character is Lily as she is brave, cheeky and funny.

Elliot Gbhs

I found the characters very convincing; the author portrays them as though they are real (differing to the flawless, one-dimensional characters you see in books such as Ready Player One and other similar novels) showing them to have the common flaws and failures of regular relatable people; lessening the impact of the peculiarities and absurdities of the plot, this could be viewed as an inherent flaw but for some (such as me) it accentuates the experience. The plot hooks you in and keeps you guessing how it will end. It unabashedly draws from its roots of the Dickensian classic “Oliver… Read more »

Joshua, KEGS

The Haven is an amazing blend of action, drama, suspense and emotion. I would say to anyone that it’s worth reading. I won’t give spoilers, but this is a brief outline of the plot: Ollie Turner is an ordinary boy being looked after by his guardian, Nancy after his parents died in a terrorist attack. Then a dizzying series of events ends him up in a secret organisation called the Haven and he only has 24 hours to save one of his new friends and half of London… (Xtra Bonus: There is a twist @ the end) I would definitely… Read more »

Yingzhi, Helena Romanes

The Haven Zhi Helena Romanes This book is about a boy (Ollie Turner) who was looked after by a policewoman (Nancy) after his parents died in an accident. He and Nancy get kidnapped but he escapes with the help of a boy named Dodge. Dodge shows him an underground passage that leads to a secret society,the Haven. Maddie Sikes (the antagonist) is planning to create havoc between the gangs in London by capturing the most important members of each gang (siblings,second-in-commands and friends). The gangs start accusing each other and fights begin,causing all hell to break loose. The Haven’s rivals… Read more »

Keira D - SPS

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Haven. At first I was sceptical because the characters shared the names of the Charles Dicken’s book Oliver. However once I started reading this thought was put behind me. This book was pleasant to read and the plot was very original. I would rate this book a 6/10 as it was hard to read at first.

christopher bchs

I honestly think it was one of the best books i have read. Its action-packed, full of drama and so intriguing. I literally could not put the book down.

Samuel KEGS

I found The Haven a really good book that creates a lot of supense to entice the reader and a twist came in at the end that was very unexpected

SUNNY kegs

The Haven is a thrilling book about a boy called Ollie Turner who joins the Hacven in an unexpected way, i would definetly recommend this book. It is amazing.

Paarth KEGS

The Haven was a gripping and wonderful read that has definetily engaged plenty of teenagers. The inspiration from Oliver was very nice to see and the plot was expertly made. It greatly expressed teenager emotions through the characters and plot. Amazing.

Vidyuth Shankar KEGS The Haven review

The Haven was a fabulous book. I found it an interesting and intriguing page turner and I found the storyline fascinating, especially since Dodge turned out to be the spy for Maddy Sikes. I found that the Haven shared a similar storyline to Oliver Twist and Alex Rider. All in All, though, I loved the book.[spoiler title=” SSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”]

Aahnaf KEGS

The Haven was a fun, fast-paced action book. The plot gripped you and once you started you would not be able to stop. The book was a mixture of humour and sadness. It was quite relatable as the school system in the Haven was different to the current school system making it easier for the chidren there to learn. Altogether it was an excellent book.

Rhona HRS

The HAVEN is a book about a boy called Ollie Turner who was kidnapped with Nancy (a police woman)and manages to escape with the help of Dodge. Ollie was then brought to a place called The HAVEN. I personally really like the idea of this place since it gives the kids a chance to learn a fend for them selves. I really enjoyed this book because it lead me into a world of destruction and hope. I loved the way the book unfolded and the huge fight scene at the end.