Martin Howard

Funny sci-fi reminiscent of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Bored of the same routine? Longing for a bit of adventure in your life? Love living life on the edge?
Then join Alfie Fleet and discover a whole universe of wonders (and things that are not so wonderful too, but we won’t go into that now).

From giant sand lobsters on planet Maureen and the Twang Bears of Mumsy, to the eerie (yet oddly quite boring) brains in jars on Brains-In-Jars World – there’s something for everyone. And if danger’s your thing, you won’t want to miss Outlandish, with its gold-hoarding dragon, take-your-life-in-your-hands cuisine, and welcoming locals who’ll fire lightning bolts at you.

Thrills and adventure await, just hop on board the slightly old and rusty Moped of Infinity.



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LENNON Sweyne park school

This book was slow to begin with but then got way better. some thing good about it is the space theme In my opinion this book is aimed at years 4,5,6 and the beginning of year7.
The good thing about the book is that it has humour and excitable parts.
For some one who likes laughs adventure, space and some craziness this is the book for you.

Eva Leslie, Haberdashers Askes School for Girls

I thought this book was a fun and relaxing read. I really enjoyed the interesting illustrations. I would give this book four stars as the beginning wasn’t the most enticing but once I had read a few chapters I couldn’t put it down. It is a very humorous book and I think people from about years 3 or 4 right up to adults would enjoy this great read by Martin Howard. I really enjoy the way the characters Derek is presented. At first, she is a wild character but once you read more of the adventure you really get a… Read more »

Miss Hackett, Habs Girls

The temptation, from the cover and illustrations, is to dismiss this book as one for younger, Junior School readers. Not so! As well as being a fun, entertaining read, The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet is rich in detail, word play and subtle humour, with echoes of other fantasy stories, not least The Hobbit, with its treasure-loving dragon-in-a-mountain-lair and glossy-haired elves. From the gender swap of questing Sir Brenda and her home-loving husband, to the not-for-the -squeamish pub grub at The Dead Crow, and not forgetting the fabulous flights of fancy planets such as Brains in Jars planet, there was… Read more »


I enjoyed reading The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet. It had a good plot that developed throughout the book and it had interesting characters that were well introduced and entertaining. I thought the plot was good because it took a very common concept and transformed it into a unique idea. It kept me hooked the whole time as there was constantly something happening. The characters were a key factor in this. Every time the characters started to lose interest a new one appeared. With so many characters you would think that they would get less intriguing but no, Martin Howard… Read more »

Maggie Helean Romanes

I would not normally choose a book like this because I am not really interested in adventure books. But I actually really enjoyed reading it. It is a very humorous and imaginative story. I would recommend it to people aged between 9-11. The illustrations inside the book are amazing and I would definitely want there to be another book.

Lois Great Baddow High School

I thought that the first half of the book was not as adventurous as the second half but the second half was amazing and there were so many twists that I was pleasantly surprised by. Overall I think the book was very interesting and I would recommend the book.

Seb Great Baddow High School

This book was slow to begin with, however it really picked up after Alfie met the professor and i enjoyed reading the adventures they went on. It was fun and relaxing to read. I would say that this should be aimed towards year 5&6.The characters develop the further on you get in the book. The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet kept me intrigued, because it was not a slow book, there was a new adventure around every page.

Education Resources Service

Summary: Alfie was an average 12 year old boy, who was very poor. His mother tried really hard to keep a roof over their heads, but Alfie soon realises that his mother needs urgent help. Alfie has to try his best to apply for a job and finds one successfully. When he arrives at the house, he notices that he is very crazy. The job Alfie had actually applied for was to be a part in some sort of club (themed king Arthur), fight dragons and goblins. In the end, Alfie manages to save their home and manages to have… Read more »

Education Resources Service

‘Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet’ I loved this book! It’s the best by far because if you compared the book of adventures that Alfie had to his mum’s ‘delicious’ fish head soup, you would see a big difference! I loved it so much I finished it in two days as well as my actual reading book!
St Helena

Taylor P The Sweyne Park School

This book takes you through mind blowing worlds like brain in jars world and many exciting dimensions. This book was thrilling to read and i have never read a book with such expression and imagination. However as a pupil in year 11 i think that this book is aimed at younger readers in year 6/7. But i enjoyed it very much and i do recommend to younger years.

Olivia, great baddow high school

Book review- the boy who lied The book ‘the boy who lied’ is an adventurous tale about a boy called Ed whose younger brother, Sam, had recently gone missing. Ed and his best friend Fallon try so hard to find Sam but it’s not very easy. His mother is struggling to cope with all the stress about her child missing and having no money. His father had been wrongfully sent to prison and Ed doesn’t even get to visit. The police don’t believe him when he tells the truth because he lies all the time, and everyone struggles to rely… Read more »

Dylan GBHS

This story starts with a boy who wanted something for his mum however they were poor, so he had to find out a way to make money. First thing that you would think would be a job, right? But he was a boy a young boy so how could he get a career? It would have to be illegal so I couldn’t be a very normal working environment. However, this boy is smart enough not to work with something VERY illegal. So, he looks on the good old trusty internet, and of course he finds something. So, like anyone you… Read more »

sophie montgomery junior school

I absolutely fell in love with this book from page one. I was up all night reading it and I just couldn’t put it down. All the different worlds were soooooooooooooooooo fascinating, even the very eerie brains-in-jars world.

My heart was literally racing when Derek almost murdered Alfie ( or, as the Professor affectionately calls him, Rupert) and the dragon bit was so… amazing.


The Cosmic of Alfie fleet This book is thorough enjoyment to anyone that dares enter the world of Alfie fleet; full of hazards on every page but also hope and fun. With a wide range of personalities, the unusual beings created in this book make it impossible to put down. In my opinion, Sir Brenda is the best character as she shows bravery throughout the whole quest of killing a dragon, but most importantly, friendship which the group of people wouldn’t live without. This mind- blowing plot has been put together by the best storyteller around, martin Howard to create… Read more »

Frank Great Baddow High School

The Cosmic atlas of Alfie Fleet The cosmic atlas of Alfie fleet is a sci-fi book for all ages. The book starts in a city with Alfie, a boy that has no money and lives in a small apartment with his mom. It is Alfie’s mom’s birthday and Alfie is determined to buy his mum a foot massage machine. He has racked up £100 pounds but needs another £49.99. He finds a job in a news paper that pays exactly that. He goes to the place and finds an old house with a mad professor inside that takes Alfie on… Read more »

Apryl Hammett

The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet This book has an exciting start and then a problem which needs to be overcome and they go on an adventure to get back home. This book is funny and laugh out loud funny. The main character goes on an exciting adventure but all he wanted was enough money to buy his mum a foot spa 3000 but none the less he was a believable character. I would not have chosen this book but the storyline is easy to follow. At the end the book I did not feel part of the story and… Read more »

Apryl Hammett

The cosmic atlas of Alfie fleet! This book was a masterpiece. Every page just kept on getting intense by the second. This had a great opening. The only time I wouldn’t read it is when I go to bed or for dinner. Otherwise, I was entranced in this book. The characters never got boring. There was a mixture of heartwarming moments and fierce battles. The story was great and I followed the story very well. It will always have a strong impact on me. Overall, this book TOLD a story very well, I recommend this book to everyone. I would… Read more »

Sophie - Hockerill Anglo-European College

The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet is an engaging story and makes you want to read more. The book is well written with some breathtaking pictures.
I would read it again and hope there is a trilogy.


Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing fantastic. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for all the magnificent reviews. They are absolutely BRILLIANT, and a pleasure to read. If anyone would like to continue following Alfie on his adventures there is a new book (Alfie Fleet’s Guide to the Universe) coming out on March 5th, and I hope to meet some of you soon after that. In the meantime, thanks again – you’re all amazing!

Very best wishes
Martin Howard

Mr Irish - Hockerill Anglo-European College

The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet is a lovely book. It reminded me a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Alfie and his Mum are very poor and struggling to get by, but a fantastic idea allows Alfie to go on some wonderful adventures and help them escape their poverty. It’s well written and fantastical. Also very funny too. A great novel with a positive message. Independent and confident young readers will just love the mayhem, adventure, humour and imagination of this book. Highly recommended.

Grace : Radwinter

I really enjoyed this book it was a great read and an inspiration to everyone. It just shows if you work hard for something then dreams can come true. I loved the sense of imagination that lasted throughout the book right till the end. [spoiler]
I liked at the end the mum did end up getting the present [ end of spoiler ]
There are some interesting characters each one with a different personality. I do recommend this book for you .

christopher bchs

For me, it was quite a slow pace ;however, it was relaxing to read and good for a reader that likes adventure.


This book was very interesting and funny and I loved the adventure part of the story. I liked how the characters were all different: one was a normal boy who was very poor, another one was very weird and crazy, one was very blood-thirsty and was very difficult to like, another was very evil and cruel although handsome and tried to kill Alfie and the last one was very proud and brave and was ready to die to save others. It was very funny and weird. I also loved how everything was normal and how he went on an amazing… Read more »

Paarth, Kegs

Although it started slowly and had the sort of boring feeling it quickly picked up after. This book made me laugh and laugh until my stomach hurt. The characters are well presented and developed especially Derek and the ending was very nicely written as well.

Liam montgomery junior school

I think The Cosmic Atlas Of Alfie Fleet was amazing because the characters are so adventurous. The main character Alfie Fleet has an amazing brain that can get out of bad situations, I think that is really cool that is why I read the blurb before reading the book! He meets a professor and they travel to a different world called Outlandish, they meet loads of characters and slay a terrifying dragon.

Caitlin - Hockerill Anglo-European College

I enjoyed this book as it was a funny adventure story with a lot of humour. Throughout the story you meet a lot of fun characters. I would recommend this book to people who love fun and adventure.

Beth - Hockerill Anglo-European College

I really enjoyed this book! It was a cheery book right from the start. Alfie is as lovable as they come and you can’t help but like everybody he meets. Their escapades are hilarious and you just can’t stop reading. It’s a heartwarming story of friendship and fun. Would definitely recommend!

Beth - Hockerill Anglo-European College

I really enjoyed this book! It was cheery right from the start. Alfie is as lovable as they come and you can’t help but like everybody he meets. Their escapades are hilarious and you just can’t stop reading. It’s a heartwarming story of friendship and fun. Would definitely recommend.