Kim Slater

The Boy Who Lied

“None of them believed me. But for the first time in a long, long time, I was actually telling the truth.”

Ed Clayton is a liar. When he says he can’t remember what happened after his younger brother, Sam goes missing, nobody believes him. When the police start asking questions and his friends turn against him, Ed tries to find Sam and stumbles on a secret even he could never have imagined.



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Book Review – The Boy who Lied The boy who lied is a captivating tale, yet an emotional journey through the life of a boy called Ed Clayton (who is the main protagonist in the story). Whilst reading this book, we learn more about Ed and his hectic life, his habit of lying and his missing brother Sam. Along with his escapade, Ed meets Fallon who cures his lying habit and who assists him in finding his brother. In the end, Ed learns a valuable lesson – that he must never forget. I think that Kim Slater (the author) has… Read more »

Billie L SPS

I found the book at the beginning a little difficult to get into to as it was going from one character to another in speech.I really liked the plot twist,Kim Slater really showed characters emotions all throughout the story really well and you could fell reading the book how they felt and why.It has a lovely designed front cover and blurb it’s showing small little scenes from the story and as you read on from the story you eventually see what the small pictures stand for.It tells us that when you lie a lot and something bad happens and you… Read more »

Sophie - St Cedds School

The Boy Who Lied I started reading this book as the cover is orange and not many books are orange which is my favourite colour. As I progressed through the book I became so captivated by the thrilling story that I started reading it when I was supposed to be asleep! I thoroughly reccomend this book to anybody who is thinking of reading it. Anybody would feel sorry for Ed and would try to help him lose his worries. I won’t mention any other details for the sake of anyone who hasn’t read the book. My favourite character is Fallon… Read more »

Eve Atkinson

When I first started reading this book, I was apprehensive- the cover and blurb really didn’t tell you everything about the content! This book was so captivating, every night the book would practically have to be wrenched from my hands. As you really went through the book, you really began to understand and grasp Ed Clayton’s hectic world. Ed’s world is really turned upside down when his younger brother goes missing under his care- and his history of lying doesn’t help! I would really recommend this book, and would give it 4 stars! I’m glad that this book was part… Read more »

Freya Dilkes

This book was the best book EVER!!!!!! It is about Edward ,Ed, Clayton and his new neighbour ,Fallon. They go to find his little brother,Sam, suddenly gone missing. In the end they both find out who it is! A good twist!!!!!

Dominik Radwinter

The boy who lied is a great book about a boy called Ed.I enjoyed the book because it was my style .It was very tense and I was getting into the book.Who the people that kidnapped Sam was a surprise and a good idea to trick you into thinking who it was.My favourite thing about the book was when Fallon came and they made a great team in finding Sam.My least favourite character is Charlie because he is mean.


I liked reading The Boy Who Lied although it did get a bit confusing at times ( with what character was speaking changing half way through a conversation without any mention of their name). The life that Ed has teaches people that not everything is always perfect. The front cover of the book doesn’t really give you any ideas about the book and neither does the synopsis -blurb- so you are left trying to solve the mystery yourself; I like this because it keeps me hooked. My favourite character would have to be Ed for his perseverance through tough times.… Read more »

Frank KEGS

I didn’t really enjoy the book very much, in fact I found that the blurb made the book sound far more interesting than it was for me. I felt like the plot of the story completely changed and i found the twist far too predictable. However it was very believable and had a good main story line. I would recommend it but it was not for me.

Lynne Wheater

Liana-St. Cedds School The Boy Who Lied: a heart-gripping novel about 14 year old liar, Ed Clayton, revealing untold secrets as he searches for his abducted younger brother Sam. The way the cover and title subtly lead you to the storyline adds a sense of excitement and a spark of suspense. Personally my favourite character is Fallon as she is optimistic, honest and unbiased. Overall this book was highly addictive; I couldn’t stop turning each page and I would recommend it to anyone not put off by mild rude language and a slightly complex storyline. I cannot wait for Kim… Read more »

Eva, Haberdashers Askes School for Girls

I found this book interesting and really enjoyed the plot and characters. It was really engaging especially the fact that you are learning about the events at the same time as Ed is remembering them. The plot twist that concludes the story was surprising and I didn’t expect it to end the way it did. Overall, this was an entertaining book that kept me interested throughout. I would definitely recommend it.

Lottie MHS

I think this book really presents our current society and I really love the way they show what being out of money is really like, unlike how the Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet presented it. Something that really pulled at me was the way Ed always lies to make his life feel better, and how he fell away from his friends due to his position in society. I’d like to read more from the author!

abbey gbhs

I really enjoyed this book because it was quite difficult to understand what actually happened so it makes the reader try and guess the mystery and who actually took the character (sam) who went missing. It was highly motivational and really proves that anything can happen.It was an amazing story line and I would definitely agree that most children in the age range (10-15) should read this book.

Dylan-Great Baddow high School

This book kept me guessing! It seemed to have an abundance of different twists; I couldn’t predict what was actually going to happen next.Sometimes, when I am reading, I can get easily distracted or bored with the plot line, but with this I was never bored. Every now and then Sam would say ‘I am missing my best friend’ (Ed but he was his brother) this made me really think about how sad this made me want to see what happened in his life before and how close they had been. This was also a relaxing read.

Peter Great Baddow High School

The book is keeping me on the edge of my seat, and the second I finished it I was delighted, and wanted more of the same book. The plot is amazing and very well put together, and when I took it into hand, I could not put it down. The plot-twists are one of the main reasons I got into this book and I am truly astonished as to how the author wrote it in such a brilliant way.

Rafael L KEGS

Rafael L KEGS

Interesting book and the twist at the end was shocking and unexpected. Made me read the book in one sitting. It made me emotional kind of too.

Apryl Hammett

The Boy who Lied by Kim Slater The Boy who Lied is about a boy called Ed Clayton, whose brother is missing. Ed doesn’t remember what happened that day because he fell off the playground equipment and hit his head as his brother was leaving. The only problem is Ed has been known to make things up and lie, so nobody believes him. The only person who does is his new neighbour Fallon, who helps him investigate and look for his brother. There are a lot of people who have all sorts of theories as to where Ed’s brother is,… Read more »

Grace , radwinter

This book was amazing!!!!!
I really enjoyed reading it . Once you read the first chapter you can’t stop! I think
Kim Slater got inspired by the boy who cried wolf . It just shows if you always lie and then it comes to your actually telling the truth know one will ever believe you.

I am really glad That their dad gets freed from prison and the whole family is United again except from Charlie and Augustine of course .

I was really surprised when Augustine was involved but not so much when you find out Charlie is involved .

I loved this book right till the very end !!!

I am sure to read more books by Kim Slater!! ❤️THANK YOU !!!

Maya, Habs Girls

I found this book very interesting to read; it made me want to read on (even after the end).

I didn’t like the fact that the dad came home from prison at the end and then the book just ended. I would have liked to have a bit more about what happened after that.

However, overall, I thought it was a really good book.

Maggie Helean Romanes

I loved this book! I found it hard to get into. But after a while I started to really enjoy it . I enjoyed it because I thought that it was just a really good book and that the storyline was amazing.

I was so shocked when I found out that Ed’s mum’s friends was the ones who kidnapped sam.

I would definatly read this book again .

Olive - Hockerill Anglo-European College

I really enjoyed this book. It was fast-paced and gripping and it kept me up late at night because it was so good! I really enjoy adventure books and this one made me feel like I was really there with the characters. I liked the fact that this could happen in real life, so people could relate to the book.

Rebecca The Sweyne Park School

The Boy Who Lied by Kim Slater is a book full of mystery and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed this book even though I might not have chosen it as my first choice. Kim Slater handled character development and plot twists well, and didn’t fall into the writing trap of making character turns obvious or unexciting. I spent ten minutes at home trying to look for plot-holes or problems with characters, but I did not find one! The book’s feels extremely lifelike, with realistic personalities instead of blank slats with no character development. You connect well with the Ed Clayton (the… Read more »

Esme - Hockerill Anglo-European College

This book is great if you love mystery or family stories. It works for all ages because the language is easy to understand. It is a heartwarming book and helps you to understand the importance of family. You can easily put yourself in the shoes of those people. You just have to believe.

Jamie Great Baddow

The Boy Who Lied The boy who lied is a boundless and fast-paced book with an implausible plot twist involving Characters you wouldn’t expect being at the scene of the crime. This book involves Two people, their lives filled with crime, after running an illegal clothes factory, they then kidnap their business partners son, after he pulled out of the business once realizing it was illegal. These two iniquitous people carried on and framed the Dad for working in a criminal business even though it was their own company. This leaves it up to Ed the missing boy’s brother to… Read more »

Peter Great Baddow High School

The Boy Who Lied is a book that is full of mystery. The action is a bit too slow-paced, and the plot develops gradually, but it is worth reading as in the end, there is a mysterious puzzle that consists of secret letters, subtle clues, and a great plot twist that shows some characters from a whole new perspective. The main character in this book is called Ed Clayton, who has a brother who goes missing named Sam. His dad is in prison because of a mysterious job offer and has another seven years to serve. His mother becomes ill… Read more »

abbey great baddow high school

The boy who lied In this book an older brother called Ed and a younger brother called Sam went to the park however Sam went missing. Ed mysteriously can’t remember anything about the few tragic seconds he saw his brother before falling of a climbing frame. Ed and his best friend Fallon scavenge outside day and night retracing his steps and searching for Sam. His mother is battling against the pain of a missing son as well as looking after ed with a small amount of money. His father was sent to prison before the incident and he is struggling… Read more »

Casey Sweyne Park School

Book Review – The Boy Who Lied. The Book the Boy Who Lied is an emotional story yet scary at the same time. I found it a very adventurous story and a mystery, just like Enid Blyton’s books. The story is about a boy called Ed Clayton. The blurb says ” Ed Clayton is a liar. So when he says he can’t remember what happened after his young brother, Sam, goes missing, nobody believes him. Ed’s used to going without, but living without his brother is impossible. With the police asking questions and friends turning against the family, Ed is… Read more »

Freya Sweyne Park School

THE BOY WHO LIED: This book was moving, it was a sad life for Ed and his little brother Sam, since his family was poor and were relying on their mums friend, Augustine and her mean husband, not to forget their dads in prison and his mum has been hiding all the letters that he has sent, why? When Ed’s little brother Sam go’s missing. To find Sam, Ed teams up with another poor girl, Fallon to find the culprit, they are left shocked by the kidnappers…

[/spoiler] I was so surprised when I found out that AUGUSTINE WAS A KIDNAPPER, Charlie, not so much.

Freya Sweyne Park School

Apryl Hammett

The Boy Who Lied The beginning of the book was exciting and enjoyable and very dramatic the ending was the best ending of all books I have read and I have read a LOT of books. The writing style was outstanding and intriguing and the suspense was building up through the book quickly and it was a phenomenal book. The characters were very convincing and lifelike. The book made me feel scared and frightened until the ending I still can’t believe who it was I won’t say it because some people may be reading this who hasn’t read the ending… Read more »

Kara, Larchwood Primary School

The book was very good. At first the characters were quite hard remember who they were but it got clearer throughout the book. My favourite character was Fallon as she was a brave and smart girl who was not afraid to find out the mystery. My least favourite character was Charlie. He was mean and horrible from the start and at the end after we found out the secret of who took Sam i liked him even less. My favourite part of the book was when Ed found Sam in the house. At the end i couldn’t put the book… Read more »

Emily MHS

The boy who lied is an amazing, interesting, captivating story that I loved to read. It really built tension and, as the reader, you developed a relationship with the characters that really allowed you to feel what they felt and understand them. Ed has fantastic character development and I loved the way you are able to follow the story from beginning to end. It adds a lot of depth and emotion to the book that, for me, made it more engaging and enjoyable to read. Over all, I loved this book and will definitely be voting for it to win.

Yingzhi, Helena Romanes

The boy who lied
Helena Romanes
Ed Clayton lives a tough life with his father in jail because of fraud. His brother suddenly goes missing and Ed is determined to find him. But people don’t believe him and his neighbours are acting suspicious. He meets a girl called Fallon and together they retrace Ed’s steps and track down who the kidnapper. This book has a moral that is similar to ‘The boy who cried sheep’. I would rate this book 4/5.

Keira D - SPS

The Boy Who Lied was a Intriguing and thrilling story that left me at the edge of my seat. At first I found it quite hard to get into as it was fairly slow however by the middle the pace quickened and it became very exciting to read. I originally thought I had it would be an easy ending to figure out however I was definitely mistaken. It is filled with plot twists and fascinating characters. They are put through hardship in different ways but all manage to come together for a happily ever after. I would rate this book… Read more »

christopher bchs

At the start, I was really suspicious to what was going on then the plot twist really surprised me and the pace got faster.


This book was one of my favourites as it was very mysterious and I found it very intriguing as every part of the book was full of action. The end of the book was very tense and I was surprised to find out who the culprits were. It was also quite emotional when they were talking about the disappearence of Sam. My favourite part of the story was when I found out who actually kidnapped Sam and I definitely didn’t suspect them to be the kidnapper. I also liked how Ed gained a friend who was the opposite to him… Read more »

Jakki Styles

JAKE from St Peter’s
This book is about a boy who goes missing in the park and his brother, who was looking after him falls off the play equipment. This makes him lose his memory. Can they find Sam?
I liked the part where they go looking around the den to find Sam as it was creepy and mysterious. The best character was Ed. He was honest when it mattered and stands up for his brother. I liked this book so much there was nothing I did’t like. There were NO dull bits.
I give this book 5 thumbs up.

Kamila montgomery junior school

this book is AMAZING! I really enjoyed the part when the boy had to give away their secret place where they always hid.

Sophie J - Hockerill Anglo-European College

The Boy Who Lied is a really good book and it is full of surprises. The use of language is very good and advanced. The front cover is very vibrant and doesn’t link to the story at all, but like everyone says don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I would suggest it to people of 10-15. Overall and good read.

will radwinter

The boy who lied was my favourite book out of all of them. At the start it is a bit confusing but as it gets closer to the end it gets really easy to understand and amazing. In the middle it is a bit chatty and get a bit dull but if you read on it get amazing. It start of by sam going missing and no one knows where he has gone,life is hard for his brother ed and his family after sam going missing and them going poor but ed is determined to find his brother his friend… Read more »

Poppy, Larchwood Primary School

i really enjoyed reading this book it is a really good mystery book and would like to read one like it again overall i think anyone at any age would enjoy this book also my favourite character would be Fallon.