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Are you currently searching for an alternative to School Pupil Tracker Online (SPTO) which is closing in December?

Target Tracker is the perfect alternative solution to SPTO and is the UK’s leading pupil tracker used by 1 in 4 primary schools in England to effectively measure progress and improve effectiveness from EYFS through to KS2.

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Subscribe to Target Tracker September 2019 – March 2020 and you will only pay for January 2020 – March 2020 (seven months for the price of three). One-year’s automatic re-subscription will commence 1st April 2010 unless cancellation is received in writing four-weeks prior to renewal.


Can we transfer historical data from SPTO into Target Tracker?

Yes you can. We have helped many SPTO customers to transfer their half termly assessments for the current academic year, and summer term assessments for historical years. This helps you to get started in your new system with data to make use of immediately.

Can we assess using SPTO's hashtag methodology in Target Tracker?

Target Tracker works in 2 parts in regards to Data entry – Formative Assessments (Statements) and Summative Assessments (Steps). The hashtag methodology in SPTO reflects the depth of learning evidenced by a pupil. This type of assessment appears on the Statements in Target Tracker which can be reported on to show gaps in learning and progress made over the year. The Steps section allows you to assess whether a pupil is on track and has made progress and there is an even wider range of reports available to report on this data.

Are there any other differences to consider?

The summative Steps assessment model works on there being 6 steps within each year (roughly mapping to one step of progress for every half term), whereas SPTO worked on a 3 part system alongside the hashtag methodology.

Each of these 6 step is linked to our Age Related Expectations scale and so users can easily assess which pupils are on track, helping them progress in steadily each term.

Does Target Tracker include support and training?

When you first join Target Tracker, our Helpline team will work with you to ensure that your transition runs smoothly and will offer you a range of support options when getting started.

Our Training Team will also contact you to book in your initial starter training with one of our experienced advisors. Throughout your time with Target Tracker there are opportunities to gain more experience and knowledge with our range of training courses run by our experienced advisors, supporting admin staff, teachers, senior leaders and governors.

Does Target Tracker offer MAT-level reporting?

Yes we do. Multi Academy Trusts can analyse all their schools’ data using the same reports as in Target Tracker using our Multi School Tracker program.

This is an additional subscription for MATs and Schools but is incredibly valuable in regards to analysing attainment and progress across your MAT.

Is Target Tracker likely to close down as well?

Target Tracker has been running for 19 years and has continued to grow and develop to accommodate the needs of our users. We now support around 4000 schools in the UK and we are looking forward to what the future holds as we continue to do more with the software and expand our products, as we have done so far with the Target Tracker Observations iOS app and the Target Tracker Link Parent Portal.

I'm in! What are the next steps?

That’s great. Time to give our Sales team a call on 0345 200 8600  and they can talk you through the subscription process. If you want a demo or a trial login to Target Tracker before committing this can be arranged for free, and when you choose to subscribe we will look after you as valued customers throughout your setup and your continued use of the software as users.