Target Tracker and International Primary Curriculum

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Target Tracker is proud to have worked with our partners at Fieldwork Education over many months to now offer access to the Learning Goals for the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for children aged 5 – 11 years old.

The International Primary Curriculum is used by over 1000 schools in 90 countries worldwide. The IPC Learning Goals are available to all schools who subscribe to Fieldwork Education’s primary curriculum offering.

For UK schools, the IPC Learning Goals can be viewed and assessed, alongside statements from the National Curriculum, within Target Tracker to ensure schools can meet statutory requirements in the creative and engaging way offered by the IPC.

The key skill Learning Goals for Science, Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education and Art have all been added, allowing teachers to assess all the topics they will need to track. Target Tracker has added a new subject; International, in line with IPC’s aim to develop international mindedness, with Learning Goals accessible, the same as all the other subjects.

Target Tracker customers can assess the new Learning Goals in a way familiar to them from assessing National Curriculum statements, while being able to view both the teachers’ and pupils’ rubrics written for each of the IPC’s Learning Goals.

Learning advice on how to progress from ‘Beginning’ to ‘Developing’ and from ‘Developing’ to ‘Mastering’ is also available within the Target Tracker software for each of the IPC Learning Goals This takes the hard work out of assessing and planning for teachers, by providing teaching and learning guidance with exemplar models; saving teacher’s time and aiding to reduce their workload.

The Learning Goals were trialled by users of IPC and Target Tracker over the summer term 2019 and this feature was optimised for ease of use with teachers at the heart of all decision making. We believe shared customers will benefit from the IPC Learning Goals in Target Tracker.

We look forward to developing the Learning Goals further in the coming months, especially for international schools.

Terry Ballard

Terry Ballard

Terry Ballard provides technical and educational support for Target Tracker and is part of the development team. He has worked in the education industry for over 35 years, including as computing subject lead in the secondary sector.