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Switching to a new Broadband supplier – ensure your access is uninterrupted

By January 27, 2020 No Comments

If your school is moving to a new broadband supplier and we know you’ll want to make sure access to Target Tracker is uninterrupted during this transition.


We’ve put together some information to pass on to your new provider:

  • Target Tracker desktop application requires outgoing, stateful access to TCP Port 1433.
  • Some features of Target Tracker require upload/download of images. Image transfer is via Secure web transfer. Schools require unfiltered web access (HTTP and HTTPS) to ttc.blob.core.windows.net and to primarytracker.blob.core.windows.net
  • Target Tracker’s help includes many video tutorials. Videos are also included within the exemplification. All videos are hosted at vimeo.com/targettracker
  • The Target Tracker iOS app requires secure web access to api.targettracker.org


See the full details of Target Tracker’s Connectivity Requirements here and pass these on to your new broadband supplier for a smooth transition.

Terry Ballard

Terry Ballard

Terry Ballard provides technical and educational support for Target Tracker and is part of the development team. He has worked in the education industry for over 35 years, including as computing subject lead in the secondary sector.

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