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Stephan’s Assessment Strategy – Ofsted Ready Assessment – Pupil Starting Points

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In my last article before the half term break, I wrote about how pupils’ starting points can be determined and using these to group pupils. Pupils will be grouped based on their prior knowledge and skills. Facilitating pupils learning is at the core of what teachers do, but it’s worth just expanding on the purpose of extension activities.

The point of an extension or enrichment activity is not to expect extra work from your pupils who have already got it but to give more challenge, such activities:

  • avoids boredom, pupils are not doing repetitive work
  • challenges pupils without giving extra work
  • allows pupils to apply their knowledge.

There are a variety of ways to assess achievement against the desired outcomes. Most important is our professional judgement, but alongside that might be peer or self-assessment or even a short-focussed test.

What form the judgement takes is up to you, but generally it will be around the ‘depth’ of the pupil’s understanding, for instance using the simple model of learning I described in my last article.

Of course, outcomes can be recorded manually, the three main forms will be either through individual pupil records or on a planning document or class record sheet, generally just noting pupils who have performed above or below expectations.

The problem with manual recording (beyond getting the right combination of coloured highlighters, dates etc.), is the ease with which outcomes can then be analysed and used as described. Electronic systems can overcome these issues saving time and effort.

I look forward to discussing this further with you in Edition 4 of The Juniper Express.

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Stephan Nicholls

Stephan Nicholls

Stephan Nicholls has worked in education for over 30 years including in leadership positions and as a Headteacher. He is now an Education Adviser, mainly for Target Tracker, but also as computing subject lead and a key stage moderator.

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