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Stephan’s Assessment Strategy – Ofsted Ready Assessment – Pupil Starting Points

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In our last edition I wrote about a model for teaching in a mastery curriculum and promised to go into more detail about each stage, so let’s explore the starting points – what do pupils know already?

Learning objectives can be identified in a number of ways, planning and schemes of work being obvious starting points. If previous formative assessments are available then Target Tracker or any reasonable electronic assessment system can produce a gap analysis, but previous planning or assessments may also identify where pupils are and the next step.

Previous formative assessment can be used to help group pupils based on what they already know.  As Ofsted say…

“When used effectively, assessment […] assists teachers in producing clear next steps for pupils.”

If such assessment is not available you can determine pupils’ knowledge and skills through such techniques as class discussion, self or peer assessment or a short test.

The end point is being able to group pupils based on their ‘depth’ of learning. One possible grouping would be:

  • Not Begun: The pupil cannot demonstrate any of the knowledge or skills you are aiming for
  • Working Towards: The pupil has begun to demonstrate the learning, but it may not be recalled without reminders and is incomplete
  • Achieved: The pupil can demonstrate the required learning in the context in which it was taught and similar contexts
  • Mastered: The pupil can apply his or her learning in new contexts

This grouping will help identify which learning and/or extension activities are required, which I look forward to writing about in my next article.

Stephan Nicholls

Stephan Nicholls

Stephan Nicholls has worked in education for over 30 years including in leadership positions and as a Headteacher. He is now an Education Adviser, mainly for Target Tracker, but also as computing subject lead and a key stage moderator.