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It’s getting near some of the deadlines for this year’s statutory assessments so just a gentle reminder of what’s been recently published and what’s coming up:

To do in March:

  • Make sure you have submitted all applications for early opening and compensatory marks and completed KS2 pupil registration by 13th
  • Look out for these publications from the DfE during March – KS1 and KS2 test and Multiplication tables check (MTC) administration
  • The ‘Try it out’ area of the Multiplication Tables Check opens on 23rd Use this opportunity to familiarise yourselves and your children, where helpful, with the process. You can use this area to ascertain that accessibility features will work where necessary.

NB: The DfE have recently published a leaflet for parents which you might like to share.

For more reminders and checklists:

Don’t forget that if you use a tracking system, lots of the heavy lifting around data entry and reporting will be done for you. All systems will have more information online, maybe it’s time to check.

Lisa Hibbert

Lisa Hibbert

Lisa has worked in education for over 20 years including as a teacher and in leadership positions. She has been part of the Juniper Education Customer Success Team supporting schools in their use of Target Tracker for the last 5 years.