Invest in your staff health and wellbeing to create a happy workplace, retain existing staff and attract new staff.

Stress and wellbeing in schools

School staff wellbeing was already an ever-growing topic in the media and according to the new Ofsted Framework 2019 successful schools would be considering the health and wellbeing of those who work and study in schools.

But now more than ever, your school staff’s wellbeing is vital.

The pressures of running a successful school weigh on the shoulders of every member of school staff.

Check your wellbeing with our FREE Stress and Wellbeing course
Stress and Wellbeing - School Staff

Help with staff and teacher wellbeing

We firmly believe that understanding and focusing on employee health and wellbeing is critical to the current circumstances.

So we have developed a free downloadable Stress and Wellbeing course.

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Easy to use content including mediation music and recommended further resources

Get a head start on part of our broader suite of teacher wellbeing resources

*All individual responses are confidential and only visible to the employee.

Stress and Wellbeing CPD

Supporting staff wellbeing in schools

Our aim has been to create easy to access content that school leaders can use to promote staff wellbeing in schools and strengthen the resilience of your workforce. School leaders can view the level of employee engagement and how far staff have progressed through the course so that staff wellbeing activities and interventions can be accommodated for. All the individual responses are confidential and only visible to the employee.

As school leaders we also want you to remember, that you need to look after your own wellbeing before you can look after others – the oxygen mask principle – so make sure you do the course too.

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Free Stress and Wellbeing CPD
Example of Free Stress and Wellbeing CPD

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