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Sally’s Library Solutions – Funding Your School Library

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Despite the wealth of research from the National Literacy Trust supporting the importance of reading in schools, we are often told that books are given a low priority when it comes to funding.  So where can a school turn to when they are struggling with funds?

There are several grants that are available to schools, who want to provide children access to quality literature and develop a reading culture.  We know of schools who have benefited from grants from Foyles Foundation and The Siobhan Dowd Trust.

As well as grants, you can;

– Incorporate a book group into a breakfast/after school club, with termly fees.

– Set up a book stall at a school event, inviting parents of leavers to donate a book as a leaving gift to the school.

– Ask that the PTA host some fundraising events.

– Approach your local businesses, as some have funds allocated for helping local schools.

– Subscribe to an Education Resource Service that provide bulk resource loans

– Keep up to date with book fairs and match funding offers from Publishers.

These are just temporary measures that alone cannot replace careful planning, staff time and allocating funds to keep the books up to date.  Without a regular injection of fresh new books, a school library might quickly lose appeal as the books become dated and damaged.

The best way to maintain quality reading resources in the school is to allocate appropriate funds in the school budget every year.

Hazel Murrell

Hazel Murrell

Hazel is an Advisory Librarian with Juniper Education. She studied a BA (hons) in Illustration for Children’s Publishing and is a member of CILIP. She has previously owned a Children’s bookshop as well as worked in schools and libraries promoting a love of reading.